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Divesting Strategies for 2017

Paul Hammes went on to say that 85% of the respondents believe their divestments created longterm value.

Have All of the Easy Deals Already Been Done?

When it comes to divestiture, Matthew Herman says uncertainty can lead to dislocation, but smart buyers can move on that dislocation.

U.S. Stocks Surge as FBI Clears Hillary Clinton

After a nine-day losing streak, U.S. stocks surged Monday as investors priced in a Hillary Clinton victory in Tuesday's presidential election.

Activists Force Boards to Prove Their Strategies to Long Term Investors

The tone is changing at corporate boards and corporations, following an explosion in activist hedge funds, says Colin Wittmer, U.S. Divestitures Leader at PwC.

Inside a $2 Million Wine and Spirits Auction at Christie’s

Christie's is holding a wine and spirits auction on Friday that could bring in $2 million, featuring five-figure bottles of wine and 30-year old bottles of whiskey.

New Jersey Estate Once Owned by Notorious Mobster Goes Up for Auction

If you ever dreamed about living like a rich mobster, now's your chance.

Here’s Why Millennials Are Investing in Art

Millennials are looking at art as an investment, a new survey said.

Fine Art Market Attracting New Investors Thanks to Strong Returns

Investors in the art market will find a better rate of return than many other assets, according to The Fine Art Fund Group.

Here’s Why Jim Cramer Says Don’t Sell Yahoo! If You Own the Shares

Jim Cramer says Yahoo's deal to add four additional board members could help get the web company back on the right track.

Christie’s Is About to Auction This Rare Blue Diamond for About $45 Million

Auction house Christie's is hoping one rare blue diamond will fetch more than $45 million at an upcoming auction.