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Goldman Sachs' Sheila Patel: International Investors Still Have Confidence in US

The U.S. stock market is back near its late January highs. Despite all of the trade rhetoric and the market's ascent, international investors still have confidence in U.S. markets explains Goldman Sachs' Sheila Patel.

Here's Why There Aren't More Women in Asset and Wealth Management

It's no secret that there just aren't enough women in asset management or financial advisory services. Janet Cowell, CEO of Girls Who Invest tells us why. Watch!

Why Warren Buffett Owns a Ton of Apple Stock

Warren Buffett continues to be very bullish on Apple's stock. Former hedge fund manager and Berkshire Hathaway shareholder Whitney Tilson says Buffett's Apple bet is wise.

Video: When Planning for Retirement, Don't Underestimate Your Life Span

When planning for retirement, many people underestimate just how long they'll live.

Stifel's CEO Discusses Wall Street's Outlook

There have been a lot of changes on Wall Street through the years. Stifel Financial Group chairman and CEO Ronald Kruszewski discusses what's in store for the industry.