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Follow This Insider Into Affiliated Managers Group

A director's purchase of almost $600,000 in AMG shares on the open market seems to affirm data that indicate the stock should run much higher from here.

AMG Offers Textbook Case of Importance of Looking to Future, Not Past

One-time items can distort annual earnings, as happened with Affiliated Managers Group, which took large non-cash asset write-downs during the fourth quarter of 2018 and the first quarter of this year.

Deutsche Bank Stock Declines as Transformation Plan Sinks In

Deutsche is looking to drop the "bad bank" moniker with big moves on Monday.

Pension Problems Come With Raytheon, United Technologies Deal

Pensions may not be the sexiest aspect of the merger but it doesn't make them any less important.

Bank Earnings: Here's What We Know So Far

Here's your very own bank earnings 'cheat sheet.'

Charts of the Day: Anticipating Congressional Questions for Wall Street

A cheat sheet of expected questions for investors and political theater enthusiasts.

Lyft IPO and Quarter-End Asset Allocation Maneuvers Will Come Into Play Friday

The bulls may not be doing much but the bears are doing even less.

Are Market Players Too Bullish? Far From It

Investors are still 'climbing a wall of worry,' so stay with the trend and try to ride the upside as long as it continues.

These 10 Asset Management Firms Are Also Solid Stocks

Wealth management firms remain worthy holdings for long-term portfolios.

New York's Epic Amazon Failure; Buffett's 13-F; Traders Play It Safe Into Close

Why does it always make me feel uncomfortable when my plan diverges from Warren Buffett's?