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Buy Market-Sensitive Shares When People Are Nervous

Common sense says that getting something much more valuable, for less than it was prior to growth, must be a good thing.

Pension Fund Rebalancing, Key S&P Levels, Odd Tesla Downgrade, Nvidia-Snowflake

June can get volatile. We've already made it through some stuff. Now, one more key event to go.

What's in Your Wallet Warren Buffett? Capital One Financial

Let's check out COF shares as they rise on Berkshire's 13F filing.

UBS Tries to Save the Day, but I Would Withdraw From Buying the Bank

Is UBS Group AG a white knight or something else? Let's check the charts and take a gut check.

Occidental Petroleum May Be Good for Buffett, but Is It Good for You?

Let's check the charts of OXY as Berkshire Hathaway just boosted its stake to over 23%.

Is It History or the Charts That Make Me Wary of Charles Schwab?

Let's look at both as we examine SCHW amid the banking crisis.

Credit Suisse: No Support and a Long-Term Downtrend

The message from the chart is clear.

EXCLUSIVE: Billionaire Investor Leon Cooperman

Watch this hour-long private event with the legendary investor as he shares his views and outlook on the market, the Fed, stocks, crypto and much more!

ETF Issuer Innovator Innovates Again With a New, Actively Managed Fund

Innovator is partnering with Parametric Portfolio Associates to create a portfolio layering equity positions with options to minimize downside risk.

Jefferies Gets a Friend With Deep Pockets. Should You Join In?

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has a stake in Jefferies Financial Group, so what is a good place to but in?