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Upbeat Indonesia Becomes Asia's Investment Alternative as China's Prospects Sour

Southeast Asia's largest economy is going strong and offers a contrast to lockdown-battered China.

Asian Equities Buffeted by Dual Crosswinds

Interest rates are rising in much of the Asia Pacific region, but the two largest Asian economies persist in very low rates and weakening currencies.

GoTo, the Go-To Investment for Southeast Asia, Makes Its Public Debut

Asia's most-exciting new public company began trading on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. Here's why it's a great point of entry into the world's fourth-largest nation.

Is Nio Ready to Steer in a New Direction?

Let's take a close look at shares of the Chinese EV manufacturer.

Asian Market Impact of Ukraine Invasion Revolves Around China

As the market selloff shows, Asia will not escape the Russia-Ukraine war's effects.

Fashion Site Shein Looks Ready to Lead Chinese Return to Wall Street

The fast-fashion e-commerce operator is extending new roots into Singapore as Chinese companies try to work around restrictions on overseas listings.

How Will China and Asia Fare in the Year of the Tiger?

China will shut down next week for the Lunar New Year, but lockdowns due to a Covid overreaction would cause longer-term problems.

Genting Hong Kong Becomes Asia's Biggest Pandemic Tourism Casualty

The cruise ship operator is entering liquidation with its fleet drydocked, and after losing a fight over its German shipbuilding business.

Should Unrest in Kazakhstan Concern Energy Investors?

Sandwiched between two great powers in Russia and China, Kazakhstan is the world's 12th largest oil producing nation.

Omicron's Asian Effects Are More Severe for Investors

For Asia, the Omicron strain is likely to pose a greater threat to business than in the West, and is already making life difficult for many companies.