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Get a Taste of This South Asian Stock

With inroads into infrastructure through a cement company acquisition and a great beer to boot, San Miguel Corp. has a solid offering.

Hong Kong Protesters Try to Start a Run on the Banks and the Currency

After China's airline regulator put pressure on Hong Kong's main airline, pro-democracy protesters have decided to put pressure on the city's banks.

What Happens if the Tanks Roll Into Hong Kong?

With Beijing amassing military hardware on Hong Kong's doorstep, it's worth counting the cost if the People's Liberation Army 'liberates' the city from pro-democracy protesters.

Asia's Retailers Undeservedly Punished for Bids to Diversify

Jollibee and Kirin have both branched out in interesting directions, but their shares have been driven down as a result.

Hunger For Tyson Expected to Grow, Say Analysts

As African swine fever hits some Asian countries and markets are rattled by trade worries, TSN remains in a strong position, say experts.

South Korea Vows Japan Will Not 'Defeat' It Again After Trade War Blow

Japan has followed through on its threat to remove South Korea from its 'white list' of most-favored trade nations. The fight looks set to worsen.

Jim Cramer: It's Looking Like the 1980s

Kimberly-Clark's performance is nothing to sneeze at, and neither is Coca-Cola's, as higher sales, higher prices and big demand from emerging markets appear to give us a return to the good old days of great senior growth stocks.

Henchmen Enlisted Against Hong Kong Democracy Protesters

China shows its hand with apparent triad gangster attack at subway, throwing rule of law into uncertainty.

Japan and South Korea Start Trade War With Roots in Real War

Japan has cut off supplies of three key chemicals to South Korea, hitting the memory-chip and screen-making industries. The roots of the spat go way back.

Hong Kong Protesters Appeal to Mainland Visitors

Political protests target mainland visitors in heart of tourism and shopping district, raising the question: Are pro-democracy demonstrations bad for business?