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Time for Some Risk Assessment

While it might be tempting to buy any dip, the coronavirus' quick spread, recent downgrades, softness in services and other factors should give pause.

Trading Strategies If the Coronavirus Abates

Here are 3 trading ideas if February does represent the high-point for daily death and infection rates from the Wuhan virus.

'Parasite' and 'Contagion': Must-Watch Movies and China Investment Themes

Here in greater China, we are staying home and binge-watching dramas, ordering everything we can online. 'Parasite's' best-movie Oscar is a victory for Asia at a time it's looking for winners.

Wuhan Virus Doctor's Death Demonstrates Leadership Downfall

Investors should continue to be suspicious of any rally in Asian shares, and beware false dawns from official Chinese figures that the WARS epidemic is under control.

A Two-Day Rally in Chinese Markets That Can't Be Believed

Investors in Asia appear to be clinging to the hopes of stimulus flooding China's markets. But with one-third of WARS cases outside the epicenter, the new coronavirus threatens to get out of control.

Chinese Stocks Plummet as Retail Investors Run Scared

Hong Kong stocks surprisingly advanced a bit on Monday, but many stocks in mainland markets sold off by the 10% maximum.

Fears of Coronavirus Could Make Market Selloff a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

All stocks related to global economic growth, especially China, will get hit as expected demand is perceived to be hit.

China Eases Relations With Seoul as U.S. Deal Awaits

Beijing appears to have eased up on its ban on tour groups and individual travel to South Korea. Watch Korean consumer stocks in 2020 if that continues.

Taiwan Takes to Presidential Polls With Stocks Near All-Time High

The Taiwan stock market has peaked in the spring three times only to suffer a huge selloff. Can it continue its 31% run after presidential elections on Saturday?

Japanese and Thai Stocks Take Iran Missile Hit

Markets in Thailand and Tokyo were the main losers on Wednesday, though Asian investors in general appear reassured the worst is over with Iran.