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Alibaba and China's Singles Day Extravaganza Setting New E-Commerce High

China honors November 11 with an e-commerce extravaganza due to set one-day sales records. However, China's stock markets take a hit due to Hong Kong 'hitch.'

Has Softbank Lost Its Vision?

Softbank's founder Masayoshi Son had established a reputation for perceptive decision-making on tech investments. Has the firm lost its way?

Why You Shouldn't Buy BRICS Funds Anymore

BRICS are more important now than when the concept was coined two decades ago, but only thanks to outperformers China and India. Investors should look no further for growth.

Indonesian President's Cabinet Appointments Point to Progressive Agenda

Joko Widodo has named the country's most-famous entrepreneur as its minister of education and culture and retained the minister who brought finances under control.

Asia Pacific's Top-Performing Market Is a Kiwi Surprise

New Zealand is the top-performing stock market in the Asia Pacific region and provides a hideaway if equities continue to sink.

Australia's Foreign Investment Tolerance Tested Again by Chinese Influence

With Aussie assets up for grabs in touchy industries such as oil and civil engineering, and an agricultural deal in the works, the Australian government faces tough decisions over whether to approval sales to state-owned Chinese buyers.

Carmaker Stocks to Favor and to Avoid Amid a Slumping Asian Auto Sector

Car sales are sliding in China and plummeting in India, which is putting pressure on automakers that sell in those markets.

Chinese Shares Get Their Bounce Back - But for Long?

There was a false dawn in Chinese equities in June. August has witnessed another. Can the markets in Shanghai and Shenzhen continue to gain even as production moves out of China?

Indonesia to Shift Capital to Borneo From Sinking Jakarta

Here are the investment plays to watch as the world's fourth-largest country by population shifts its capital completely to a central location.

Flight Back on Cebu Pacific Highlights Asian Airline Success Story

The Philippines budget carrier Cebu Pacific is adding capacity at the expanding Clark International Airport, now effectively a second airport for Manila.