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Crocs Is Still Slipping to the Downside on Its Charts

The footwear maker isn't seeing a lot of technical support at this point.

Stumptown: Columbia Sportswear Gets Cut Down to Size on Earnings and Downgrades

Shares of the :Portland-based apparel maker have been in a downward trend the past 12 months.

Retail Stocks May Look Like Bargains, but I'm Not Sold on Them

There are a bunch of retailers with low forward price-to-earnings ratios, which could be the result of the market pricing in recession fears.

Gap: Don't Go Down With the Ship as Old Navy Sinks the Stock

The shares are plunging and the charts aren't coming to the rescue.

I'm Taking a Flyer on a Small-Cap Stock, as the Market Gives It the Bird

The ride will likely not be smooth, but to me it was worth a little bit of speculative capital.

Watching for the Netflix Effect on QQQ and SPY

Tuesday's rally in the Nasdaq and S&P 500 could prove to be short-lived thanks to disappointing subscriber numbers from Netflix.

Good Old Levi's Jeans Still Fit (in Your Portfolio)

Here's why Levi Strauss is poised to pocket the rewards of the reopening -- even as everyone has their eyes on travel and services spending.

Is Nike Set for a Good Run?

Management signals risks are overdone -- and Wall Street takes note.

Crocs Charts Weaken and an Analyst Downgrades the Stock

Let's take at look at the charts and indicators.

Poshmark Cannot Find Its Footing Amid a Downgrade

Let's check on the charts again.