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I Hear Cricut Chirping a Song of Opportunity

I view CRCT as similar to Etsy and as a long-term play with significantly more upside than current analyst price targets.

Poshmark Has Yet to Fashion a Clear Technical Path

The charts of the online marketplace for apparel and accessories are mixed.

Dick's Sporting Goods Sports a Few Bearish Clues That Give Us Pause

The patterns suggest the risks of a reversal in the shares of the sporting goods retailer have risen after its terrific run so far this year.

American Eagle Sees Its Charts Weaken, So Raise Sell Stops

However, the long-term picture for the apparel maker that now goes by the corporate name AEO Inc. remains promising.

Levi Strauss' Charts Fit Great and Look Bullish

The apparel maker's shares appear as though they should continue their recent uptrend.

This Holding of Mine Is Up 710%. Here's Why I Haven't Sold a Share

Let me walk you through my logic on this stock.

This Profitable Portfolio of 2020 Losers Is Losing Steam

The 2021 Tax Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio gave ground over the last month but continues to perform far better than the S&P 500.

Poshmark Is Not Yet the Real Deal for Investors

Poshmark, the company, and POSH, the stock, tell different stories.

Shares of L Brands Look Likely to Trade Sideways From Here

New highs may have to wait for a while.

Zumiez Charts Suggest a Purchase Ahead of Earnings

Here's where aggressive traders could go long.