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Analyst Actions

Jim Cramer: Take the Price Target Bump Game With a Box of Morton's Salt

Unless there is something truly new at work, disregard the bump as nothing more than Wall Street silliness.

Microsoft Is Poised to Report Earnings - And for Substantial Gains

Our updated look at the tech giant.

UnitedHealth Group Is Still Primed for an Upside Breakout

Analysis and trading strategy on UNH following earnings.

Time to Climb Dollar Tree After Analyst Upgrade?

Here's what the charts say.

Jim Cramer: An Analyst's Dream

All we have to do is take our cue from companies that boosted their forecasts but their stocks did nothing.

Owning Paychex Shares May Not Pay in the Short Run

A key chart of the payroll processing and human resources company is lacking in trend strength.

Kohl's Just Doesn't Fit Our View of a Strong Stock

Despite the retailer's fundamental upgrade, the charts are still basically weak.

Cannabis Is Not Happening in Vegas

Experts predict it could take 12-18 months for the market to recover.

Jim Cramer: There's Only One Reason Why the Reopening Failed

Goldman Sachs yesterday said that it's all about masks vs. a huge decline in GDP from another shutdown.

What to Watch as the Quarter Ends, Undersized Fed Weapon? Reclosings Accelerate

As the month and quarter end, there's a key level on the S&P 500 to keep an eye on -- in addition to mandates from pension and mutual funds to move capital out of equities into debt securities..