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Analyst Actions

Coinbase Global Is Weak on the Charts and Bitcoin Futures

Let's review the charts and indicators.

CrowdStrike Rallies on Price Target Hikes: Here's Ours

A strong close on Friday would suggest further upside.

Roblox Charts Could Weaken Further Up Ahead

Sometimes the fundamental story and the technical story are on the same page. Sometimes not.

Shares of CarMax Are Still in Reverse

Let's take a look at the charts and indicators.

Global Payments Needs More Base Building

Here's what I recommend.

Jazz Pharmaceuticals Is Not Playing My Song

Weakness in the broad market averages is likely to negatively impact the shares.

Paccar Downshifts on the Charts

Let's check on this truck maker after its downgrade.

Domino's Still Looks Like Cold Pizza

With an "unfriendly" technical picture, here's where the stock could be headed.

With 3M's Lower Fundamental Price Target, What Do the Charts Say?

Let's see where MMM is going now.

Hologic's Charts Are Looking a Little 'Touch and Go'

For now it looks like HOLX will try to move higher.