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Masks on a Wall, Moderna, What Rotation?, Tesla and the S&P 500, Trading Walmart

They called it rotation. I'm still not completely convinced. Don't you normally have to sell something to rotate?

Aurora Cannabis' Cash Burn Is Harsh

The cannabis company is now putting its focus on premium products since the value side fell apart.

With Spartan Energy Acquisition, Logic Takes a Backseat to Emotion

To see the immediate selling in the stock on the off chance Hindenburg's report could possibly be on SPAQ is downright scary.

Crispr Therapeutics Gets an Upgrade but Needs Help on the Charts

The shares have been correcting since July.

Why Shopify and Pinterest Look Good Now

When markets move lower, price action reveals names that institutions are reluctant to sell.

Nikola Might Be a Lottery Ticket, and Most Lottery Tickets Lose

I cannot invest in the name. Now, trading is different. If one were to try a swing trade or speculate, I am not getting in the way.

Everybody Loves a Comeback: Is GameStop's a Trick or Treat?

Let's see if this is just another head fake, or the real thing, like that of my personal fave A-Treat.

Shouting From the Rooftops: This Stock Is Up 200% This Year

This should go down as one of the great turnaround plays of 2020.

Can Adobe Keep Climbing? The Key Area We're Watching

There's one level that would determine my trading strategy.

Is Nautilus Getting in Shape for a Run?

A potentially attractive trade idea based on past observations on Citron long calls.