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Analyst Actions

Whether You Like Illumina or Not, Here Are 2 Trade Ideas

Who do you think probably better understands this business... one of the very best analysts on the entire street or the FTC?

Can Ford Keep on Truckin'?

We are updating our technical strategy on Ford.

Here's My Take on Investing in 'Best in Class' Zscaler

Cybersecurity will prove itself quite durable, as demand will stand up to any shift in where white collar work is done.

Here's How 'Bad News' Can Be Your Best Friend When Investing

Buying beaten-up shares of companies that are down merely due to analyst downgrades is one of my favorite things to do. Here's a great example using Vera Bradley.

Tesla Rocks Again, and Here's How to Play It

Tesla had a great month of February... in China.

Tesla in India? Not a Chance

And listen to what Cathie Wood of ARK Investments had to say about TSLA and ride sharing.

Analyst Opinions Are Unreliable Lagging Indicators

You'd think at least a few analysts would have recommended Simon Property Group shares at their enormously marked-down price. That's not how Wall Street works.

Let's Take Another Look at Apple

They've done a very good job of transforming how Wall Street values them, and that's also likely why they appear to be dabbling in EVs.

Does Microsoft Pass Our 'Test'?

The long sideways pattern on MSFT could soon come to an end.

Where Should Investors Buy Facebook, Tesla and Netflix?

One of the three stocks looks OK to ease into now, but the technical signals indicate it would be best to wait on the other two.