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Analyst Actions

Tune Out the Talking Heads, Go Stock by Stock

Bounces after a sharp decline usually gain some momentum, but this time we're hearing tremendous concern among pundits that we're on the brink of a major shift, so I'm sticking with the action in individual stocks.

Lyft Drives Higher as Strong Earnings Outlook Outweighs Lockup Concerns

Lyft is beginning to drive towards profitability as duopoly dynamics set in.

Wall Street Says Disney Should Still Be a Winning Stock

Disney's dive after earnings could open up a buying opportunity to investors that missed the recent run.

Take-Two Takes Back Lost Ground After Strong Earnings Results, Upbeat Guidance

Are video game stocks a counterintuitive safe haven amid the trade war noise? At least one analyst thinks so.

Hunger For Tyson Expected to Grow, Say Analysts

As African swine fever hits some Asian countries and markets are rattled by trade worries, TSN remains in a strong position, say experts.

Tyson Foods Doesn't Turn Tail in Perilous Market After Earnings

The food giant is one of the few stocks holding its ground on Monday morning; here's why.

Analysts Advise Contrarian Plays in Retail Stocks

Keep note of China exposure and mitigation strategies before speculating on retail names.

Nike Stock Slumps as Trump's Tariff Tweets Tank Retail Sector

Nike looks to be in need of help on Friday. Don't count on the president.

Beyond Meat's Competition Has Been Beefing Up

Better balance sheets and new meatless burger options by big names like Nestle are bearing down on Beyond's growth story.

Beyond Meat Chewed Up as Secondary Offering Takes Bite Out of Bullishness

The secondary offering of the producer of plant-based meat substitutes is priced well below its Wednesday's close.