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Progressive's Commercials Are Well Known, But What About Its Charts?

Traders could probe the long side of PGR.

Texas Instruments Still Isn't Computing, So Avoid the Stock

The trend of the chipmaker's shares remains down based on its charts.

For This REIT It's All About That Base

We're checking the charts and indicators on Ventas, owner of senior housing and medical facilities.

As Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Sink, Here's When to Dive In

These stocks are priced for an industry-wide calamity, but how realistic is that considering their customer base?

Texas Instruments Isn't Painting a Pretty Technical Picture at Present

The charts of the big chipmaker are sending largely bearish signals.

Let's Process Nvidia's New Low

NVDA moves down, so let's check the charts -- and see why we should take too much bearishness with a grain of salt.

Can Generac Generate Enough Technical Power to Rally?

Sometimes the fundamentals and technical indicators are on the same page and sometimes they are not.

Carnival Traders Are Voting With Their Feet

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Upstart Looks Anything But Up on the Charts

The shares are in a sharp downdraft from their zenith in October.

Microsoft: Taking a Fresh Look at the Charts

A rally could soon unfold.