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Wall Street Is Skeptical of Nordstrom's Stock Surge

Nordstrom may be nearing inflection but seeing is believing.

Nordstrom Continues Run as Retail Optimism Accelerates

Nordstrom is turning the ship around from its 52 week lows. As retail foments its rift, is the company now a winner?

Tariffs and Weather Can't Rain on Target's Parade

TGT is widening the divide in retail by navigating headline risks.

Target Stock Takes Off as Consumer Strength Carries Outlook Upward

The retail giant scored a big second-quarter earnings beat and reported that its traffic and sales continue to grow.

Kohl's Stock Presents Opportunity Ahead of Key Catalysts

Problems in the print are compounded by cautious management commentary on tariff pressures ahead.

Kohl's Cuts Gains After Conference Call Quells Earnings Optimism

Kohl's quickly reversed action, proving that management commentary is the key to preserving gains on the print.

Baidu Stock Continues Bull Run as Trade Optimism, Strong Earnings Spark Surge

The Chinese tech giant is charging hard to close August, adding hope for bulls betting on an inflection point.

Why Wall Street Likes Lowe's More This Week Than Home Depot

Analysts are advising clients that LOW's stock is still too low ahead of earnings unlike HD.

Home Depot Heads Back Towards Highs Ahead of Earnings

HD is promoting optimism among more defensively minded retail investors.

Why Wall Street is Cautiously Optimistic on Nvidia

Nvidia is recovering well on Friday, but it may yet be in need of more help before climbing back to its 2018 heights.