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Marvell Technology Stock Slips as Huawei Ban Hurts Guidance

Marvell is having trouble moving forecasts as trade uncertainties temper optimism.

Wall Street Sees Strength in Burlington's Succession Plan

There's apparently no key man risk at Burlington.

Burlington Stores Stock Surges on Earnings Beat, Guidance

Burlington stock is bouncing big after a big earnings beat, capitalizing on the chaos in the retail sector.

Why Bulls Are Raising Targets on Okta Into Earnings

Here's why Okta could accelerate, and what could derail the optimism.

Okta Aims to Defend Lofty Valuation on Earnings

Outlining Okta's earnings prospects on Wednesday is a tale of tempting TAM and troublesome valuation.

Johnson & Johnson Rises on $572 Million Fine That's Smaller Than Feared

Wall Street expects the healthcare giant can take the jolt from the penalty delivered by an Oklahoma judge in the state's opioid case against J&J.

Amgen Adds Celgene's Otezla to Bolster Pipeline at Pricey Valuation

Amgen is finally making an expected splash out of its cash pile, but questions are abounding about the cost paid for Celgene's Otezla.

Salesforce Stock Surges as Cloud King Status Is Cemented

Salesforce is characteristically sustaining strength despite a heap of headwinds.

Wall Street Is Skeptical of Nordstrom's Stock Surge

Nordstrom may be nearing inflection but seeing is believing.

Nordstrom Continues Run as Retail Optimism Accelerates

Nordstrom is turning the ship around from its 52 week lows. As retail foments its rift, is the company now a winner?