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Analyst Actions

Black Monday Recollections, Bitcoin ETF Launch, Fed Numbers, FDA, Disney's Dip

While cryptocurrencies are indeed an asset class, and they are divisible, they do not serve as a medium of exchange, and remain unproven as a store of value.

Plug Power Keeps Plugging Along on Its Charts

The shares of the hydrogen fuel cell developer are showing promise.

AT&T's Charts Are Putting Off Bad Signals

Why are investors are shunning T? We can't tell, but we can tell you what the charts say.

Let's Dissect Lockheed Martin's F-35 Production News

The announcement is welcome because it ensures production predictability, though deliveries scheduled for next year have come down a bit.

Jim Cramer: If You're a CEO, Be a CEO, and Not a Weatherman

And end you're obsession with the calendar.

How I'm Playing Apple Ahead of Tuesday's Event

When Apple zigs or zags, that probably means that nearly everyone should pay attention.

Sunrun's Outlook Brightens

Here's where traders could go long RUN.

What Happened to All That Oil Market Tightness?

If the market is really as tight as the analysts claim, then why is the price not moving much higher?

While the Market Takes Amazon to the Woodshed, I've Been Adding to It

The lower growth rate is understandable given that the firm is lapping what was an incredible year of growth where the public largely relied on them for everything.

Jim Cramer: To Crack the Code During Earnings Season, Follow the Boost

Here's what investors need to know to discern the direction of stocks during what can be a confusing season.