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Analyst Actions

Clorox: The Difference Between Fundamentals and Technicals

Is this a good time to buy the stock? Lets check the charts.

Is Nvidia Ready to Rally or Not?

The chip maker gets a lift from Goldman Sachs' conviction buy list.

FedEx Price Momentum Is Fading

The stock is in an uptrend now, but there are a number of bearish divergences.

Disney Could Use Some Magic Pixie Dust to Help Develop a Base

The charts of the entertainment giant have not bottomed, though the shares could make an oversold bounce at any time.

Sometimes It's Best to Avoid the CRWD

Cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike got a new 'Buy' rating from a big firm, but my charts tell a different story.

I Wouldn't Plant Money in Deere Despite an Analyst's Big Thumbs Up

The charts of the farm equipment giant suggest its stock could head downward significantly in the weeks ahead.

Only a Fundamental Analyst Would Recommend a Stock in a Downtrend

Etsy shares are in the process of giving back all of their 2020-2021 gains.

Hershey Is Having a Meltdown

The charts suggest there's further risk of prices weakening from here.

Apple: There's No Reason for Investors to Be Disappointed

Strong balance sheets and huge cash positions that come bearing massive operating and free cash flows are not to be ignored.

Here's My Rx for CVS After an Analyst's Positive View

Let's see what the charts of the pharmacy and health services provider suggest.