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Analyst Actions

Goldman Sachs Reminds the Market: 'Be Greedy When Others are Fearful'

Doug Kass' top pick for 2019 is finally getting more praise than punishment.

Chart of the Day: Delta and Dividends or Discounters and Demand Drivers?

Which airline segment has more runway ahead?

Government Shutdown Could Continue to Cut Into Delta Air Lines' Outlook

Delta's down forecast could be cut deeper as the shutdown disproportionately impacts the airline industry,.

Delta Air Lines Stock Stays Grounded as Poor Forecast Clouds Earnings

Airlines are having a hard time getting off the ground in 2019.

Real Money Video Wrap: Citi Surges as View of Stability Saves Sentiment

Citi overcame a mixed print to send its stock surging on Monday.

Chart of the Day: Citi's Stabilization Comments Buoy Banking Sector Sentiment

If one is betting on a sustained surge from Citi, bigger banks could be bullish bets.

Citi's Steep Discount Spurs Strong Buying Action

Management has steered the story to its steep discount and the market is buying the narrative.

Citigroup Sets Inauspicious Start to Bank Earnings

Citi's mixed start to a week of bank earnings has the market reacting with a mixed move on the stock.

Is Take-Two Taking Over the Top Spot for Video Game Stocks?

Investors might want to double take on Take-Two.

Activision Blizzard Fated to Fall on Friday Following Destiny Departure

Various analysts are concerned about what's ahead in the near term for the video game giant as it cuts the cord with the Destiny franchise.