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Cross Asset Analysis: Who's Right?

Is this a short term deflationary setback or the start of a more ominous trend to emerge?

Analysts Are High on Buying Gage Cannabis

Viridian Capital believes Michigan could be the third biggest state for cannabis sales behind California and Colorado.

Here's a Plain Vanilla Approach to Gaining Equity Exposure to Marvell Technology

As MRVL reports earnings Monday, the firm is in a potentially lucrative spot for growth moving into 2022 and beyond.

Magnite's Correction Appears to Be Over So Traders Could Go Long Here

Let's review the charts and indicators.

I'm Day-Trading Palo Alto Networks Friday

I also have a plan for my Zscaler position, looking for similar messaging on Tuesday.

I'm Currently Long Freeport-McMoRan: Here Are My Trade Thoughts

The stock has outrun most of the Wall Street analysts that follow this name.

Shark Bites: Demand for Used Cars Is Driving This Stock Higher

Not much is working in small-caps, but the setup and the story of HyreCar look good.

Cashola, Debt Levels, Margin Squeeze, Earnings Expectations, Buffett, Amazon

I am going to tell you that there is no possible way that higher taxes are helpful from the market's perspective.

Is Bristol-Myers Squibb Finally Ready for a Breakout?

Prices have rallied from early March and are in a position to test their January highs.

Adaptable Uber Has Managed to Stay in the Game - Here's an Earnings Trade Idea

Uber has now said that demand for the ride hailing service is recovering faster than driver availability.