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Mass Hysteria Continues and Calls for Selective Investing

The selloff caused by coronavirus fears is creating dividend-paying bargains, but market volatility makes putting money to work a challenge.

Sick Bond Market, What's Really Bad, Airlines in a Tailspin, Trading Thoughts

Would love to know if Warren Buffett is adding here, or keeping his powder dry. Would simply love to know.

Take Flight with JetBlue

Airline stocks have been pummeled as coronavirus fears run wild, but this name will eventually take off for the true believers.

Even Warren Buffett Is Betting This Airline Will Fly

Once coronavirus fears clear the air, Delta -- and other airlines -- should take off again.

Spirit Airlines Breaks to a Multi-Year Low as Quant Recommendation Weakens

This is not a good day for SAVE.

This Airline Stock Came Down for a Bumpy Landing, but It's Poised to Take Off

One of America's best names is now at a single-digit multiple during the coronavirus panic.

2 Sectors Where Insiders Are Stepping Up to Buy Amid Covid-19 Fears

Midstream energy companies and airlines are starting to see insider purchases of their shares.

Southwest Airlines Is in a Weak Technical Position

I would not rush to be a buyer of LUV.

The Travel Industry Is Being Decimated

I still do believe that the panic is overblown, but that does not mean that it won't continue.

This Too Shall Pass, So Keep Your Investment Ammo Ready

The most likely near-term path for the market is down amid coronavirus fears, but be prepared to put money into stocks once the outbreak is contained.