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Delta -- We Love to Trade, and It Shows

As more people get vaccinated, I like this airline's options. Here's how I'd play it into the week.

Southwest Airlines Posts a Rare Loss, Here's How to Trade It

The problems faced by not just Southwest, but by the entire airline and more broadly the travel industries in 2020, is no secret.

I Find Draganfly's Connection to American Airlines Intriguing

Drones are set to become a bigger and bigger part of the commercial world and our day-to-day lives.

Invest in Delta Air? Nah, I'm Sticking With Just One Airline and It's Not Them

I need to see more upside momentum for DAL to provoke my inner bull.

Boeing Could Take Off in 2021, but Has No Margin for Error

Here's how my second stock of the new year could fly high, but can't afford to let anything go wrong.

Boeing Could Circle Around a Bit Longer

The 737 MAX will fly paying passengers Tuesday for the first time in 21 months.

I've Come Around to Thinking of Boeing as an Investment

I think BA returns to normal as we do, as the airlines do... but with the defense contracting business as a foundation to rely upon.

Trump Signs the Bill, Trading Volatility, Watching the Transports

The president hit the bid in order to avoid a government shutdown, and stop 'the people' out at $600.

Stimulus Effect on Markets, Airlines That Outperform, Peloton's Brilliant Move

There's also a report that the new vaccines appeared to maintain efficacy against new strain(s) of the virus.

Jim Cramer: Here's Betting on Boeing and the Airlines Taking Flight

The market seems to be screaming that people will return to traveling once the virus abates; I think so, too.