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Air Lease Could Be Flying Higher Soon

Let's file a 'flight plan' for trading AL shares.

Southwest Airlines Has Survived the Downdraft and Is Ready to Begin Its Ascent

The charts of the airline are indicating a couple bullish divergences that show buyers of its shares have been more aggressive of late.

Jim Cramer: The Hope Is Real

I get this rally -- it's based on more than a breaking branch this time, but there are still many uncertainties.

Berkshire Hathaway's Charts Show That Further Downside Risk Is Possible

Maybe what Warren Buffett has not said is more important than what he has said.

Buffett's Great Airline Escape, Tech Leadership, ECB Wiggle Room

Don't just follow the herd, time your exits and entrances well -- even if it is a big player like Warren Buffett that is leading the charge.

Jim Cramer: Beware of the Rot Underneath

The market itself may be ignoring the realities of its weakest players.

Jim Cramer: Buffett Calls It Like It Is

It's not his job to reassure us, but to set us straight about how uncharted the waters really are -- while assuring that we will get to the other side.

Kass: Warren Buffett's Investment Actions Speak Even Louder Than His Words

Make no mistake about it: Buffett is bearish on U.S. stocks, on airline stocks, on the global economy, and on Berkshire Hathaway's stock (over the near term).

Buffett's Doubts May Have Killed the V-Shaped Recovery

Not only did Buffett completely dump his position in airlines but he noted that he was unable to find attractive ways to put his huge cash holdings to work.

This Year's Tax-Loss-Selling Recovery Portfolio Is a Real Loser So Far

This experiment in trying to identify stocks that could come back after dismal year-ago performance isn't going well five months since its inception.