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As Iran Conflict Brews, Set Sights on Raytheon and Northrop Grumman

While perhaps not good long-term holds at these prices, Raytheon and Northrop Grumman may be good trades.

Atlas Air Not for Long Haul, But Can Take Off for Trades

AAWW shares have gone nowhere since 2010 for buy-and-hold types, but traders have been able to pocket huge-percentage gains over relatively short periods of time.

Best (and Worst) Airline Stocks

3 ways to play United Continental and American Airlines.

United Continental Could Take Off on the Upside

Let's check out the charts of UAL on our way to the gate.

Southwest Airlines Can Fly High Again

What other proven growth company can you name with a similarly cheap valuation?

Boeing Stock Is Likely to Continue Losing Altitude in the Weeks Ahead

Let's plot a strategy for BA stock.

Boeing: Whether You're a Bull or Bear - Why Here? Why Now?

BA basically told us they can't provide much guidance in terms of expectations for earnings.

What Bad News at Boeing Means for GE, Honeywell Investors

Investors should recognize the ripple effect a company like Boeing can bring.

6 Top Travel-Related Stocks

Summer vacation is months away, but it's not too early to add these high-quality travel-related stocks to your portfolio.

How Investors Can Turn Modest Gains Into Huge Wins

Consider setting up buy/write combinations on stocks with good prospects and generous option premiums.