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When 737 MAX Flies Again, So Will LUV

Southwest airlines offers long-term growth and enough volatility to provide terrific entry and exit points for traders.

Flight Back on Cebu Pacific Highlights Asian Airline Success Story

The Philippines budget carrier Cebu Pacific is adding capacity at the expanding Clark International Airport, now effectively a second airport for Manila.

Hong Kong Protesters Try to Start a Run on the Banks and the Currency

After China's airline regulator put pressure on Hong Kong's main airline, pro-democracy protesters have decided to put pressure on the city's banks.

Change Your Flight Plan if Delta Airlines Closes Below $57

Delta and the airlines are not the place to be in this market.

China Pressures Hong Kong Business With Ban on Cathay Pacific Staff Protesters

Beijing has begun to press Hong Kong businesses to do its bidding in combating the pro-democracy demonstrations in the city with a dubious ruling over staffing flights to China.

Altas Air Shows How Earnings' Turbulence Can Be Ticket to Profits

When a stock I own gets killed on disappointing earnings, I check if it still makes sense, and if so it's often a bargain, as appeared to be the case on Thursday when Atlas Air plunged.

Keep GE on the Radar

For its fiscal second quarter, General Electric posted earnings per share of 17 cents, a nickel beat, while generating revenue of $28.83 billion, thanks to CEO Larry Culp.

Boeing's Bad News Spills Over to Broad Supply Chain

Turbulence with Boeing's MAX jets jolts suppliers.

Boeing Loses Altitude as FAA Finds More Risks Related to 737 MAX

The Federal Aviation Administration has declined to set a timeline on when it will lift its order prohibiting the troubled aircraft from flying.

As Iran Conflict Brews, Set Sights on Raytheon and Northrop Grumman

While perhaps not good long-term holds at these prices, Raytheon and Northrop Grumman may be good trades.