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2 Sagging Stocks That Could Make Good Covered Call Plays

Camping World and American Airlines have had tough years but looks like call option candidates as their prospects improve.

American Airlines' Charts Are Coming In Low to the Ground

The airline's shares had been losing altitude well before the attack on Saudi oil production operations over the weekend.

China Commands State-Owned Companies to Take Stakes in Hong Kong Counterparts

Beijing has launched an attack on Hong Kong property developers while demanding that Communist-controlled corporations invest in the city's listed companies.

Buckle Up: American Airlines on Course for Descent

With AAL's $16 target on the Point and Figure chart, you might want to book on another airline.

Bumpy Descent Likely for JetBlue

Following downgrade, JetBlue's charts show declines on the long side.

When 737 MAX Flies Again, So Will LUV

Southwest airlines offers long-term growth and enough volatility to provide terrific entry and exit points for traders.

Flight Back on Cebu Pacific Highlights Asian Airline Success Story

The Philippines budget carrier Cebu Pacific is adding capacity at the expanding Clark International Airport, now effectively a second airport for Manila.

Hong Kong Protesters Try to Start a Run on the Banks and the Currency

After China's airline regulator put pressure on Hong Kong's main airline, pro-democracy protesters have decided to put pressure on the city's banks.

Change Your Flight Plan if Delta Airlines Closes Below $57

Delta and the airlines are not the place to be in this market.

China Pressures Hong Kong Business With Ban on Cathay Pacific Staff Protesters

Beijing has begun to press Hong Kong businesses to do its bidding in combating the pro-democracy demonstrations in the city with a dubious ruling over staffing flights to China.