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Here's a Handful of Stocks to Consider Amid Sagging Energy Prices

Midstream names appear to be oversold and American Airlines should benefit from lower jet fuel costs.

Let's Blow the Lid off the Idea That Speculation Can't Work

I have proof speculation can pay big, and let's use Tupperware as a case study.

Spirit Airlines Could See Higher Prices on the Horizon

After getting a Buy recommendation for TheStreet's quantitative service, this budget airline looks more attractive.

This Cheap Cargo Airline Could Be a Prime Target for Amazon

Atlas Air Worldwide is dirt cheap, and here's how to play it now.

The Markets That Roared, China Trade, Travel Stocks Pain, Macy's Investor Day

The timing of this morning's rally? Almost simultaneously news broke from both China and the UK of possible drugs to fight coronavirus.

Take a STAY-cation From Market Turmoil

Take stock in Extended Stay America while global travel is hit by the news of the coronavirus.

Jim Cramer: Are We Entering a Recession?

That's the question my wife asked me recently -- here's my answer.

Jim Cramer: You Want the Truth? Look for CEOs Who Embrace Radical Transparency

When we get the truth we must recognize it for what it is.

Cheap Can Always Get Cheaper

And that is exactly the problem for commodities as the Wuhan coronavirus rages through China and beyond with no clear end in sight.

Casinos, Airlines Tumble as Hong Kong Stocks Resume in Punishing Fashion

The coronavirus outbreak from Wuhan has hit Hong Kong stocks hard as they resume trade. We won't know the impact on mainland listings until next week at the earliest.