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American Airlines Is Having Trouble Taking Off Ahead of Earnings

It looks like the airline will have to return to the gate, so trade carefully.

I'm Tearing Up My Southwest Boarding Pass Ahead of Earnings

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Southwest Airlines Was Losing Altitude Long Before Its Current Operating Mess

The airline's chart problems have been going on since early 2021 and its black eye from tons of flight cancellations stands to make matters worse.

Can Traders Weather the Storm at Southwest Airlines?

We'll know soon enough just how much the thousands of weather-related cancellations will hurt the stock.

Is Now the Time to Buy Delta Air Lines?

Let's review their current flight plan.

Delta Air Lines Is a Better Investment Than a Fund That Follows the Industry

But should a recession strike with any kind of severity, the airlines will be hurt more than some expect.

Boeing's Gigantic United Airlines Order Makes It Investment-Worthy

Large orders have a way of correcting things.

I Challenge You: Tell Me Why I Should Like Boeing?

Here's why the case for buying BA looks a little like B.S.