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Boeing Could Trade Sideways Before Takeoff

The charts of BA have improved significantly in the past month.

Shark Bites: Gogo Looks Ready to Fly

There has been some talk that GOGO could be a target of private equity.

Hong Kong-Singapore Travel Bubble Bursts Before It Begins

Expensive mutual travel was set to start Sunday, and will be a deal watched by the travel industry worldwide if it does indeed begin.

Why I'm Selling Boeing Shares

The plan is to take off what was a successful trade and reduce the risk, leaving an investment in place somewhat composed of 'house money'.

Come a Second Lockdown, Consider Shorting These 3 Sectors

Look at companies that were decimated by lockdowns in the spring and figure that history is about to repeat itself.

Get Alpha With Delta

These Delta Air Lines calls should be worth more than double by January.

This Ugly Duckling Portfolio of 2019 Losers Grew Into a Beautiful Swan

The deep-value Tax-Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio of a dozen stocks handsomely outperformed the S&P 500 and Russell 2000 indices.

Reviewing the Markets, Spreading Covid-19, Vaccine Politics, My Boeing Plan

Just how many markets are there? We used to say 'the market' was up or down by so many points. No more.

The Fortunes of These 2 Sectors Should Improve Considerably in 2021

Few parts of the economy suffered worse from reduced global economic activity than energy.

Election Hopes, Buoyant Banks, Labor Labors Less, FDA's Remdesivir Thumbs Up

Plus, a quick look at Southwest Airlines and why it remains the one airline to own.