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Here's Some Food for Thought on the Commodity Bull Market

Usually commodity bull markets start with a supply shock, but maybe this time is different. Let's compare the 1970s to what we're seeing today.

Deere's Nonstop Rally May Be Slowing Down

I would take a cautious stance here.

GrowGeneration's Charts Continue to Defy Gravity and Indicators

At some point the music stops and there is a pullback or correction or worse.

India Sees Day of Conflict With Farmers and Chinese Troops

Republic Day is a day of celebration in India, but descended into chaos as farmers marched on the capital; meanwhile, a border dispute wears on.

Nutrien Has Rallied Into Chart Resistance

Let's review the charts and indicators.

GrowGeneration Could Pull Back - Time to Take Some Profits

GRWG shows a bearish divergence between price and the OBV line.

Corn Futures Make a Huge Upside Breakout

Equity traders should think a bit about the implications for food prices in the months and maybe years ahead.

Animal Feed Might Just Go to Pot -- And That's a Good Thing

It might be time to look beyond CBD for hemp stocks as the future may instead be at the feed lots.

Farm Equipment Maker AGCO Is Poised to Trade Even Higher

Here's how we'd play the stock.

2 Stocks That Are in My Sights on Recent Pullbacks

Salesforce.com and Beyond Meat appear to be on sale and are presenting interesting trade setups that are worth tracking.