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Here's Where I'd Buy Village Farms

I'm a put seller of VFF here.

I'm Gaining Exposure to Orange Groves and Physical Silver

Florida citrus name Alico Inc. and Sprott Physical Silver Trust are positions this value investor just initiated.

2 Land Plays That Insiders Are Buying

Green Brick Partners and Limoneira Co. offer reasons to buy their shares beyond the recent insider purchases of stock.

How We'd Play GrowGeneration Right Now

The fundamental story and the technical story are not on the same page.

Tuesday's Trouncing Could Presage More Pain for Small-Caps

Small-caps have outperformed their larger brethren so far this year, but if markets start to falter they may be hit harder than the bigger names.

Can AGCO Harvest Additional Upside?

Let's take a look at the charts again.

Here's Where to Plant the Seeds of Investment in GrowGeneration

Traders should be patient with GRWG ahead of earnings, according to the charts and indicators.

Stock Action Is Growing Down on the Farm

It doesn't hurt that Bill Gates has been buying up acres of farmland, though not all owners of agricultural land are seeing their shares do great.

Hits and Misses From the Early Days of What Would Become the Pandemic

Booking a cruise a year ago wasn't a great idea, but buying a discounted small-cap fund was; so was buying physical silver.

Here's Some Food for Thought on the Commodity Bull Market

Usually commodity bull markets start with a supply shock, but maybe this time is different. Let's compare the 1970s to what we're seeing today.