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Separating the WEAT From the Chaff on Commodity-Based ETFs

If you're looking for a simple way to access commodity markets these ETFs provide that exposure.

Ukraine-Russia Dominoes Still Could Fall in Ugly Ways

It is highly likely markets are heavily underestimating second- and third-order effects from Russia's invasion and the world's response to it.

Archer-Daniels-Midland Is Harvesting a Higher and Higher Move

Add ADM to a growing list of bullish names in the agricultural field.

I Went All In on Fertilizer Stocks and CF Industries Has Really Paid Off

The fertilizer players are printing money here.

A Trading Strategy Crops Up for Archer-Daniels-Midland

One way to play the pullback in soft commodities is through the Chicago-based ADM.

Worse Before Better, Longer Than Shorter

Rising food prices could be a bigger story, from a negative perspective, than energy issues.

Let This Value Investor Take You on a Wild Ride to Argentina

From time to time when it has appeared to be cheap enough, this has been a rewarding foray into a risky world.

2 Small-Cap Stocks That Are Swimming Nicely Against the Downstream Flow

Argentine farming company Cresud and specialty retailer Fossil Group are up by double-digit percentages so far this year.

Bunge Holds Potential to Spring Higher Based on Its Charts

The commodity powerhouse largely is flashing bullish signals.

Are Traders Expecting Strong Numbers From Deere?

The shares are up sharply, so let's check out the charts.