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As Inflation Soars, Here's One Stock to Add to Your Portfolio

I've scooped up shares of giant phosphate and potash concern Mosaic.

Deere's Stellar Results Should Make Others Green With Envy, but Is It a Buy?

Shares of the farming and construction equipment maker have surged on its earnings report, which may make another day the time to purchase its stock

I Would Worry About the Huge Base Pattern on Wheat Futures

The price of wheat is expected to go higher.

Mosaic Company Charts Are Sprouting Higher and Higher

MOS has the ability to produce and deliver two vital crop nutrients on a massive scale.

Tractor Supply Requires a New Strategy as It Loses Some Traction

Some bearish divergences suggest the farming goods retailer may trade sideways to lower in the weeks ahead.

What to Do With Pinduoduo After Its Long Decline

Bigger retracements typically mean the bull move is over and done.

Small-Caps Rumble and a Quiet Farm Name Makes Noise

Smaller stocks have been edging lower as a group of late, while shares of agriculture concern JG Boswell steadily gain ground.

The Cautious Bridge to Investing, and Watching Calavo Growers

You can't live your life in fear as an investor, but you can take steps to protect yourself against the unforeseen.

The Fertilizer Industry Meets All My Investment Criteria

These are solid companies that produce extremely strong cash flows and pay them out at attractive points in the cycle, and we are certainly in one now.