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Will the World's Two Largest Populations Go to War?

China and India both have a lot to risk in a Himalayan border tussle that has turned into a "hot war" in the past.

European Money for Africa Could Point the Way for Lucrative Investment

An EU program to reduce poverty in Africa by investing in small and midsize companies there could increase investment opportunities on that continent.

Could Horse Meat Be on the Menu in the U.S. Soon?

What's for dinner? If some legislators get their way, it could be horse meat.

Everyone Should Recognize Nvidia Is the Leader in Autonomous Driving, Jim Cramer Says

Jim Cramer says Nvidia has built an ecosystem around autonomous driving.

How About a Wine & Chocolate Pairing on #WorldChocolateDay?

We paired three wines with chocolate to create a match made in Heaven.

Lidia Bastianich Explains Why Food Halls are More than Just a Passing Trend

Food halls are thriving because customers love what they offer and the business model works better for food service professionals than owning and running a sit-down restaurant.

Now Chobani Will Try to Disrupt Companies That Make Regular Yogurt

Chobani gets into traditional yogurt.

Chobani's Founder Doesn't Shut the Door on an IPO

A publicly traded Chobani could be a thing.

Toyota's New Camry Just Rolled Off the Assembly Line

Mom would be proud.