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America's Love for Pumpkins by the Numbers: Video

It's no secret that Americans love their pumpkins. We take a look at the numbers behind the gourd that launched a thousand lattes.

Tesla Steals Big Auto's Chinese Lunch (Apparently)

Tesla has first-mover advantage with electric cars yet again, this time apparently with a 100% -owned factory planned for Shanghai. Its competitors never learn.

VZ Wireless Chief Network Officer: The U.S. Needs More Women in Tech to Succeed

Nicki Palmer, Chief Network Officer at Verizon Wireless, became an engineer because she was raised, and encouraged, by one. Now she's trying to encourage other girls to follow her lead.

Jim Cramer and Dylan Ratigan Discuss Investing in the Distributed Network

There are opportunities to invest in distributed systems if you know where to find them. Jim Cramer and Dylan Ratigan discuss the tickers you should be looking for.

Dylan Ratigan's Company Can Help You Get Off the Grid

Dylan Ratigan's company Helical Holdings makes kits that can help you get off the grid.

Dylan Ratigan: Climate Disasters Will Help Create Distributed Networks

Dylan Ratigan explains to Jim Cramer how technology caught up with the need for a distributed network.

Dylan Ratigan on the Transition to the Post-Carbon Era

Jim Cramer speaks with Dylan Ratigan about the differences between decentralized and distributed systems.

5 Things to Know Before Shopping at Aldi

Aldi's efforts to cut costs make it a little different from the shopping experience you'll find at Walmart or Kroger. Here's a few things you should know if you decide to give Aldi's a try.

How Dylan Ratigan Went From Broadcasting to the Sustainability Business

Jim Cramer speaks with his friend Dylan Ratigan about how he transitioned from financial journalism to the business of sustainability.

Cramer: DowDuPont Is 'Perhaps the Most Attractive Stock' My Trust Owns

New CEO seems likely to unlock tons of value.