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I Wouldn't Plant Money in Deere Despite an Analyst's Big Thumbs Up

The charts of the farm equipment giant suggest its stock could head downward significantly in the weeks ahead.

As Interest Rates Rise, the Manure Hits the Fan for Corn Producers

The mixture of low commodity prices and high-interest rates is the worst-case scenario for producers, but the painful combination also sets the stage for a self-correcting market.

Deere: Here's Why I'm Not Adding to the Dip

I think the firm, facing a sort of fiscal cliff this year, could have prepared better, given the massive free cash flow year to date.

Tyson Foods Loses Some Feathers After Earnings Disappointment

TSN bulls are getting their wings clipped. Here's what traders need to know.

Bearish Bets: 3 Stocks You Really Should Think About Shorting This Week

These recently downgraded names are displaying both quantitative and technical deterioration.

It May Be Brazil's Turn to Separate the Wheat from the Chaff

As South American farmers give the U.S. a run for its money, here's why investors, growers and policymakers might soon learn there's more than a 'grain' of truth to the saying, Complacency kills.

Is Something 'Fishy' Going on in the Soybean Market?

Let's check the charts -- and look back to the anchovy collapse of the 1970s.

I Don't See Greener Pastures Ahead for Cattle Futures

As cattle futures have stampeded to a new all-time high, I'm getting flashbacks -- here's why and how to position your portfolio.

Can These Small Ag Stocks Get Out From Under Water?

A Florida citrus grower, an Argentine farmland owner, and a 'mysterious' California company crop up on my list.

I Wouldn't Scramble to Buy Cal-Maine Now, but Will Watch It Cook

CALM is a tough one to crack now with egg prices coming down to earth. But I still see how it could turn into a tasty trade.