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Market Evolution, China Trade, Copper Pricing, Apple Event: Market Recon

With the Mueller cloud removed from the most pro-business administration in recent U.S. history, the focus should simply be found in these two words...what now?

Boeing Shares Were Primed for a Big Decline

Boeing's stock price was poised to tumble even before the tragic Ethiopian Airlines crash that grounded the company's new 737 MAX jets.

This Deep-Value Portfolio Keeps Plugging Along

These 22 stocks in the aggregate continue to outpace the Russell 2000 and Russell Microcap indices as all but three are in positive territory.

Boeing's MAX 8 Disaster Doesn't Bear Much on General Electric Outlook

Overall, analysts are optimistic that turnaround timelines will be able to remain on track.

GE's Wake Up Call

Victory at General Electric will likely have to wait.

Has GE Really Reset Expectations for the Stock?

Is it time to return to General Electric?

Boeing Pullback Tilts Risk-Reward Equation in Reward's Favor

A low-risk strategy would be to buy Boeing here with the understanding that the trade will be closed if the stock breaks below the 200-day moving average.

General Electric Charts Still in Long-Term Repair Mode

GE will take months and months to build out a proper base that can support a sustained move.

General Electric Holds Its Ground Despite Disappointing 2019 Profit Forecast

GE shares initially were down after releasing its outlook but regained that lost ground before the open.

Market Sentiment, Pondering Boeing, Trading Adobe: Market Recon

At least those among you who still choose to take a flyer on Boeing will do so better informed.