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Raytheon Shares Fly Low -- Too Low to Make a Good Target

Instead, set your radar to track a base pattern before aiming for the company.

Boeing Is Making a Hard Landing as Prices Hit an Air Pocket

Investors have been acting and not sitting on positions.

Are You a High Stakes Player?

Today's a gamble -- and I don't believe the market can create a sustainable bounce with the collapse we're seeing in Boeing shares.

Long-Time Sell-Side General Electric Bear Changes His Tune

Let's see if there's anything new on GE's charts.

Market Just Can't Sustain Any Selling Pressure

Traders have been expecting selling for so long that they're highly sensitive to any bit of it.

Silver Linings for Bloomin' Brands but Unwelcome News for CPI Aerostructures

The restaurant operator missed on earnings but doubled its dividend, while the aircraft parts supplier reveals it will be restating results over two years.

Here's a Trade or Two to Consider If You Want to Own Virgin Galactic

SPCE is about commercial spaceflight, the future, and possibly a radical shift in some commercial airline travel as well.

Is Boeing Ready to Take Flight?

Boeing is trading like the rough patch is finally over, with a bullish trend in the charts.

I'm Not Confident About the Charts of Virgin Galactic Holdings

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Jim Cramer: You Want the Truth? Look for CEOs Who Embrace Radical Transparency

When we get the truth we must recognize it for what it is.