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Reading Tea Leaves, Earnings Kick In, and Sizing Up the Military: Market Recon

Here are defense companies to watch as the U.S. responds to offensive threats posed by China and Russia.

U.S. Monetary Policy, Trading Lockheed, Netflix and United Rentals: Market Recon

Preventing the U.S. dollar from appreciating too aggressively while repairing credit conditions are 'job freaking one'.

Shares of Boeing Could Hit a Bearish Air Pocket Up Ahead

Let's check the flight plan from the charts and indicators.

AeroVironment: Avoid the Long Side of These Bearish Looking Charts

Let's check the charts and indicators of this defense and aerospace company.

Flying Over Boeing's Charts to Scout Out an Options Trade

There is the potential for a vertical spread in the aircraft maker.

Boeing's Bad News Spills Over to Broad Supply Chain

Turbulence with Boeing's MAX jets jolts suppliers.

How Long Will It Take for Boeing to Regain Trust?

As far as an investment goes, Boeing is on my 'no' list.

Boeing's Charts Are Becoming Harder for the Bulls to Defend

The aircraft maker's charts have suffered a number of body blows in the last few months and their cumulative effect could be adding up.

Boeing Loses Altitude as FAA Finds More Risks Related to 737 MAX

The Federal Aviation Administration has declined to set a timeline on when it will lift its order prohibiting the troubled aircraft from flying.

Trump-Xi Face Off, Potential EU Land Mines and a Caterpillar Play: Market Recon

The G-20 Summit in Japan could hold more intrigue than just the planned meeting between President Trump and Xi.