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Boeing Could Test and Break its December Low in the Months Ahead

Here's a good reason to pay a visit to the charts and indicators of BA.

Northrop Grumman Looks Like It Can Fly Higher in the Weeks Ahead

Let's look at the charts.

Jim Cramer: China, BRIC's Last Solid Brick, Erodes, and So Do Many Multiples

Steadily, the once-revered markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China have become hazardous places to do business.

Martin Marietta Broke Out to a Multi-Year High: Hold or Buy for More Gains?

Let's check the charts and indicators.

Heico Has What It Takes to Fly Even Higher in the Weeks and Months Ahead

Prices have nearly doubled since late December.

Earnings Volcano Erupts, Locking In on Lam, and Apple-Intel Intel: Market Recon

Also, defense industry names can breathe easier with word of debt ceiling and federal spending deal.

Stand on Sidelines as United Technologies Reports

UTX's indicators look mixed and Tuesday's earnings could tip the scales.

Kratos Could Fly Higher Even After Doubling in Value

The drone maker already has had a great run this year and its technical signs indicate the move upward could continue.

Reading Tea Leaves, Earnings Kick In, and Sizing Up the Military: Market Recon

Here are defense companies to watch as the U.S. responds to offensive threats posed by China and Russia.

U.S. Monetary Policy, Trading Lockheed, Netflix and United Rentals: Market Recon

Preventing the U.S. dollar from appreciating too aggressively while repairing credit conditions are 'job freaking one'.