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Stimulus Negotiations, Chanos Comments, Playing the EV Space

I'm starting to believe the legacy automakers may be the best way to play the EV space in 2021.

Trade Boeing? Why Not?

Boeing has obviously cleaned up the firm's act. But still, who wants to get on an airplane these days?

Ford v GE: Which One Will Get to $10 First?

The minimum price most hedge funds will consider buying shares is $10.

Looking at Virgin Galactic, the Charts Are Likely Grounded for Now

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Can Boeing's Charts Get in Gear to the Upside?

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Is it Too Late to Get Involved With General Electric?

I still think the risk/reward scenario favors bets on the long side.

ISSC Is No Stranger to the 'Special Dividend'

With the recently announced special dividend, this firm could be prepping for a sale.

Anticipating a Possible Market Reversal and Checking Out Boeing

The August timing cycles hint at the potential for a correction while a pullback in the aircraft giant's shares could set up a buy trade.

Honeywell Is Poised to Resume Its Major Uptrend

Let's review the charts and indicators.

L3Harris Is Ready for an Upside Move

Let's review the charts and indicators.