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Boeing Has Been Rising but Its Ascent Has Stalled in Advance of Earnings

Traders and investors might be wise to display caution ahead of the aircraft giant reporting fourth-quarter results.

Lockheed Martin Appears Headed for a Pullback

Here's what to avoid for now.

Job Data Myopia, Careening Economy, No Option C, Tracking 2 Space Defenders

Keep in mind that as interest rates rise, companies will need to pay more to borrow or cut back on operating expenses; there is no third choice.

GE Is Not a Lost Cause as Healthcare Spinoff Gets Set to Join S&P 500

GE will ultimately break into three separate, independent, publicly traded companies. Next week Healthcare will be the first to be spun off.

GDP Surprise, Tepper Tantrum, Semis Smackdown, Hypersonic Weapons Boost

Plus, an ode to Santa, a look at Thursday's spike in trading volume and Alphabet's big Sunday Ticket deal with the NFL.

I'm Locking In on Lockheed Martin to See if It Merits an Analyst's Downgrade

I don't think it does, but regardless, here are a few strategies for how to trade the giant defense contractor.

Boeing's Gigantic United Airlines Order Makes It Investment-Worthy

Large orders have a way of correcting things.

This Stock Continues to Ignore the Bear Market of 2022

And it's still on an upward trajectory.

GE Is a Tale of Two Trends

Here's what the charts and indicators are pointing to.

Bearish Bets: A Defense Giant and 2 Other Stocks You Should Consider Shorting

These recently downgraded names are displaying both quantitative and technical deterioration.