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For Boeing and Johnson & Johnson: Where There's Smoke, There's Fire

Both BA and JNJ appear to have made decisions in which the bottom line took precedent over what they stand for as a company.

Honeywell Appears Poised to Restart Its Rally With a $200 Price Objective

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After a Turbulent Year, Boeing Stock Looks Primed to Gain Some Altitude

Airbus has risen twice as much in 2019 as BA has, but that should soon change.

My Trade Ideas for Boeing

I consider it some kind of miracle that the larger economy has hung in there, and to a far lesser degree, so has BA's stock.

Boeing Is Performing Better on Its Charts

The aircraft maker's technical signs indicate buyers of its shares have been acting more aggressively in recent weeks.

Leidos Could Correct a Little Before Its Next Rally Phase

Here's where we think the defense and aviation stock is going in the long run.

Raytheon Could Rally to the $230 Area in the Months Ahead - How to Buy It Now

Let's review the charts and indicators to see what they are showing today.

Fortify Your Portfolio With These Best Bets in Defense Stocks

'Playing defense' makes sense in this market.

How to Plan for and Handle the Approaching Breakout on United Technologies

Let's look at a strategy based on our series of three charts.

Jim Cramer: Looking for an Edge? Here Are 3 Stock Ideas

Let's consider the case of what would be the best odds on favorites to start a new position in the Dow Jones average.