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Charting Lockheed Martin's Flight Pattern

Let's look at the latest charts and indicators for the aerospace and defense stock.

Boeing's Recent Rebound Is Not Likely to Last for Long

Often times this kind of 'knee jerk' rebound is not sustainable

Indexes Regain Footing on Stimulus Hopes

And there are a few charts I like right now, including this one.

The Pentagon Makes a Statement

I will be taking the very first step in rebuilding my long in LMT this morning as the market sagged, and I do think that an entry level for BA is around here someplace.

Jim Cramer: I Worry About Your Portfolio, Dr. Fauci Worries About Your Health

Your portfolio is integrally connected to the economy so let me offer what I think can be done to save your portfolio from being ravaged by this scourge, Covid-19.

Jim Cramer: Here's What Needs to Happen to Stop the Tsunami of Selling

How do you make things better? Here are 6 ways to start thinking big now and beat back this crisis!

United Technologies Spirals Lower but We Need to Be Forwarding Looking

At some point the end of the world we know will be discounted in the price action.

Raytheon Shares Fly Low -- Too Low to Make a Good Target

Instead, set your radar to track a base pattern before aiming for the company.

Boeing Is Making a Hard Landing as Prices Hit an Air Pocket

Investors have been acting and not sitting on positions.

Are You a High Stakes Player?

Today's a gamble -- and I don't believe the market can create a sustainable bounce with the collapse we're seeing in Boeing shares.