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Grotesque GDP, So Much for Rotation, Amazon Goes Wild: Market Recon

Plus, it could be quite a while before the labor market can absorb all those people who are out of jobs.

Jim Cramer: I Care About What's Left of American Success in a Globalized Economy

These House antitrust hearings are ridiculous given that the companies on the hot seats are about the best thing we have going for us.

Alphabet Is Pointed Up Ahead of Thursday's Earnings Announcement

It looks like GOOGL can trade still higher.

Jim Cramer: 4 Stocks That Are the Wild Bunch

Do these four make sense? The answer, surprisingly, is very much so if they continue to execute as well as they have.

How to Trade The Trade Desk Right Now

Let's check out a few charts and indicators.

Break Up Amazon? What Would That Mean?

I don't expect a break up to be announced anytime soon. If that were to happen, I'll add at least $300 to my target price. No joke.

Alphabet Could See Higher Prices but Let's Raise Stop Protection Just in Case

GOOGL has made an impressive recovery since the middle of March.

The Charts of Cardlytics Look Ready for Further Gains

CDLX operates an advertising platform within financial institutions digital channels.

Trade Desk Is Making a Reversal: Will It Be Shallow or Deep?

TTD is part of Jim Cramer's Covid-19 index of stocks.

Here's Where I'd Want to Buy Etsy

After a quick post-earnings dip, ETSY has rallied back to new highs.