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As Activists 'Yelp,' Should Investors Buy?

Here's my 'review' of YELP after TCS Capital Management delivered an open letter to the company's board.

Wishy-Washy Yelp Shares Get Help From an Activist Pushing for Its Sale

The stock of Yelp appears headed higher on a report that TCS Capital Management wants Yelp's board to consider strategic alternatives.

Can Goodyear Tire Keep Burning Rubber?

As the stock rallies on activist investor news, here are our price targets.

Cashing In on T-Bills, Money Market Funds, Disney's Smaller World, Trading CRM

Portfolio managers are almost frozen. They don't trust the 'sort-of rally. They are not convinced to get out.

Ciena Shares Are Looking Weak Ahead of Earnings

Here's what I see on the charts of this software firm.

Salesforce Scores a Mega Victory and I'll Continue to Ride This Winner

The company crushes earnings expectations and its outlook is a lot better than expected, too, so why sell now?

A New ETF 'Engine' Is Driving Shareholder Activism

Let's see how the Engine No. 1 Supply Chain ETF might chain the way products are made in the U.S. and how investors might just cash in.

Oil Pops, Stocks Drop, SEC and Crypto, Another CRM Activist, Hurray Chick-fil-A

Plus, the U.S. confirms that the Chinese balloon it shot down wasn't checking the weather in Iowa.

Nelson Peltz Takes Aim at a Big Mouse

The activist investor's past dealings with Wendy's, Kraft and P&G make this a fascinating new one to watch.

CPI Main Event, Disney-Peltz Proxy Battle, Pump Up the Volume, January Effect

Disney is not the first well-known firm to be taken on by Peltz and Trian.