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Amgen Charts Indicate Shares Want to Work Their Way Higher Longer Term

Amgen's deal to buy Otezla from Celgene should not deter the drugmaker's stock from gaining ground over the long haul.

Amgen Adds Celgene's Otezla to Bolster Pipeline at Pricey Valuation

Amgen is finally making an expected splash out of its cash pile, but questions are abounding about the cost paid for Celgene's Otezla.

A Little Lower and Mondelez Looks Like a Sweet Opportunity

Eating up MDLZ on a dip toward $50 looks like a delicious move.

Play Defense, Palo Alto Networks Has Further to Fall

PANW's decline does not appear to be over.

Jim Cramer: Etsy Is Ridiculously Undervalued

The Brooklyn-based company has a worldwide opportunity to match rabid sellers with rabid buyers.

Jim Cramer: The Real Lesson of the 10-Year Bull Market Anniversary

Did the Fed aid Microsoft? No, Microsoft aided Microsoft. J&J aided J&J. Procter aided Procter.

Kohl's Could Rally From Here but Needs to Prove Its Strength

The retailer's shares are rising after reporting earnings, but the mixed indicators found in its charts make it questionable whether the rally can be sustained.

I Do Not Expect Citigroup to Outperform the Market

Why Citigroup's underperformance versus the S&P 500 and the XLF will likely continue.

Cisco Could Rally to New Highs in the Next Few Months

Here's how traders and investors can play it.