Divergences Suggest Qualcomm Shares Could Sink Lower in the Weeks Ahead

Let's look at a few charts of this 'Stock of the Day'.

Waiting for Disney to Come Down to Earth

As everyone watches direct to consumer and international -- as well as the cost of the coronavirus -- here's where I want to see DIS before buying.

Disney Reports Better Numbers but the Stock Declines

Best to stay nimble.

I Don't Love the Current Technical Picture of Alphabet

What we have to decide now is whether we have a sell-the-news reaction in shares today or actual disappointment and concern.

With Alphabet, Here's How I Might Accumulate a Small Long Position

CEO Sundar Pichai had indicated that the firm would be more transparent, and it is.

Alphabet's Dip After Earnings Looks Like a Buying Opportunity

Shares will likely resume uptrend after brief consolidation.

Jim Cramer: Once Again, Why Fossil Fuels Are on the Wrong Side of History

I am not about making friends, I am about making money. And I don't think I can help you make money in the oil and gas stocks anymore.

Exxon's Just Running Out of Gas

It's not just the lousy profit picture: XOM posted its third least profitable year in 2019 since the turn of the millennium. So how can I get my 87 cents?

Exxon Mobil Has a Growth and Income Problem

The company continues to pay its dividend, but with large capital expenditures, it will likely have to borrow to pay.

The Price of Exxon Mobil Could Drill Down to Lower Levels in the Months Ahead

Avoid the long side despite the attractive yield.