With Qualcomm, It's Complicated

Despite a beat in earnings and other promising prospects such as 5G tech, QCOM faces coronavirus concerns and a tangle with EU regulators.

Divergences Suggest Qualcomm Shares Could Sink Lower in the Weeks Ahead

Let's look at a few charts of this 'Stock of the Day'.

Waiting for Disney to Come Down to Earth

As everyone watches direct to consumer and international -- as well as the cost of the coronavirus -- here's where I want to see DIS before buying.

Disney Reports Better Numbers but the Stock Declines

Best to stay nimble.

I Don't Love the Current Technical Picture of Alphabet

What we have to decide now is whether we have a sell-the-news reaction in shares today or actual disappointment and concern.

With Alphabet, Here's How I Might Accumulate a Small Long Position

CEO Sundar Pichai had indicated that the firm would be more transparent, and it is.

Alphabet's Dip After Earnings Looks Like a Buying Opportunity

Shares will likely resume uptrend after brief consolidation.

Jim Cramer: Once Again, Why Fossil Fuels Are on the Wrong Side of History

I am not about making friends, I am about making money. And I don't think I can help you make money in the oil and gas stocks anymore.

Exxon's Just Running Out of Gas

It's not just the lousy profit picture: XOM posted its third least profitable year in 2019 since the turn of the millennium. So how can I get my 87 cents?

Exxon Mobil Has a Growth and Income Problem

The company continues to pay its dividend, but with large capital expenditures, it will likely have to borrow to pay.