Let's See If Any Surprises Await in This FedEx Delivery

As the shipping company reports Tuesday night, headwinds blowing from Amazon and China trade are strong, but there's a chance of an unexpected move to the upside or activist investor news.

FedEx Is Still Looking Constructive Ahead of Earnings

A look at two more charts with a different indicator.

I Certainly Won't Be Filling Up on BP

Chevron and Exxon Mobil appear more attractive than this stock right now, and the oil sector as a whole should be watched for at least the next couple days.

Nothing Wrong With Taking Some BP Profits Now, But...

Remember that 'gaps always fill,' and while I would avoid entering the name on Monday if you haven't already, here's how and why to look for a way in at the right time.

BP Is Set to Rally - The Only Question Is How Much?

The stock price was already moving up ahead of this supply shock.

Broadcom Isn't a Growth Stock Anymore, It's a Cash Flow Story

It's all about consistent cash flow. Annuity anyone?

Food for Thought on How I'd Trade Broadcom

Their fiscal third quarter earnings results gave investors reason to pause.

With CVS, Bulls Still Have Their Work Cut Out for Them

The company appears to be combating the risk of possible cost-cutting reform with their continued diversification.

CVS Must Be Taking Some of Its Own Medicine: It Appears in Great Shape

Following its Aetna acquisition that closed back in November, CVS is positioning itself for further strength.

CVS Health Continues to Move Higher - New Stop Recommendation

CVS continues to move in the right direction for the bulls.