Chart of the Day: Can Pepsi Push Past La Croix For Seltzer Sippers?

is La Croix a conqueror or is Pepsi planning a coup?

Apple Fields Complaints From Outsourced Employment Sites

Apple is facing complaints from some contract workers.

Chart of the Day: Huawei's Trade War Scorecard

Nations are choosing sides and the results might not be as lopsided as many assume.

Apple, Huawei Have Become a Proxy Battleground Between Washington, Beijing

The world's two largest smartphone manufacturers are being drawn to the center of the trade war.

Has Hasbro Handled All the Bad News?

Hasbro stock could offer an attractive reward to investors not afraid of risk.

Kids Want Video and Mobile Games, Not Hasbro Board Games

Consumer statistics present a problem for Hasbro.

A Tale of Two Toy Makers

Hasbro and Mattel management outlined one key factor in their dichotomous results.

Chart of the Day: A Timeline of Nokia's Rise and Fall

Nokia's story is a sore one for shareholders.

Disney Stock Flat as Shift to Streaming Comes With Heavy Spend

Disney is drawing mixed reactions as key catalysts remain out of first quarter view.

BHP Buyout Bolsters Long-Term Outlook for BP Stock

BP's BHP buyout is a big catalyst for 2019 if oil prices rise.

BP: The Best of Big Oil

BP is separating itself among the supermajors

Alphabet's Earnings Results Will Have Major Implications

Q4 earnings should tell us a great deal about what to expect in 2019.

Amazon's Automation Effort Offers Opportunity to Honeywell

The stock moves on the day might not suggest much translation, the growth engines remain in tandem.

Amazon's Post-Earnings Stock Plunge Could Be a Buying Opportunity

Historically, investors are well served to be on AMZN shares after a pullback.

Amazon Stock Slides as Weaker Guidance Overshadows Strong Earnings

The forecast is clouding shares on Friday.

Volkswagen's Shift to Electric Vehicles Could Give It a Competitive Advantage

The company says it will cut production of its traditional combustion engine autos by 2026.

Volkswagen Errors on Emissions Testing Are a Bad Case of Déjà Vu

Emissions are leaving a foul smell in the air around Volkswagen.

Volkswagen's Rare Diamond Pattern Makes Calling Its Direction Interesting

Diamond patterns can signal reversals, but they also can be continuation patterns; we consider which way the German automaker will go.

Volkswagen Looks to a Possible Deal With Ford

Ford CEO Hackett and VW CEO Diess confirmed discussions are underway.

What Dollar Tree and Dollar General Earnings Mean for Five Below

In the current market, any disappointment from such a consistent performer is only amplified.

Dollar General's Pullback Could Provide Opportunity to Accumulate Shares

Time to put in or pinch pennies on Dollar General?

Dollar General Could Benefit From a Weakening Consumer in 2019

Pain in the overall economy could drive more middle and upper class consumers to dollar stores.

Dollar General Makes for an Intriguing Counter-Trend Trade

If a trader is willing to risk 3% to 4% on the downside, I believe they could see an upside of 6% to 8%.

Dollar General's Guidance Cut, Poor Chart Spell Dead Money Near Term

The discount retailer is proving to be a drag on the retail sector in general.

Dollar General Is Just Not a Good Bargain, Right Now

DG's management doesn't seem to believe in the company's ability to adapt and overcome, so why should we?

Dollar General Stock: Watch These Key Price Points If You Are Long

DG stock is weak Tuesday on concerns about guidance and margins.

Dollar General Plummets on Pulled-In Profit Guidance, Shrinking Margins

Dollar General stock is getting a discount on Tuesday morning.

Macroeconomic, Managerial Factors Move BP Stock Higher on Monday

Shares of the British oil giant rose 2.13% on Monday, closing the day's trading at $41.19 per share.

Blockchain to Supply Chain: New Technology Could Make Big Impact on Big Oil

Blockchain is making its way into big oil.

BP Stock Surge Supplemented by Restart of Key Alaskan Pipeline

Mother nature wasn't destructive enough to permanently shut down BP's Alaskan pipeline.