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SAP Strikes a High Note, Here's How I'd Trade It

I do not like to chase, though there is now at least a possibility that there could be an attempt made to fill the gap created by the selloff in July.

SAP Could Rally From Here So Go Long on Early Intraday Dip

Let's check out the charts and indicators of this German software company.

Bed Bath & Beyond Shakes Up the Retail Market and the Charts, Too

The retailer's shares are jumping after it hired a former Target exec as its CEO, but whether the rise constitutes a breakout gap is unclear at this point.

Market Meltdown Averted? Trade Talks, Time for Bed Bath & Beyond?: Market Recon

I think both the U.S. and China 'get' the importance of at least setting up further talks, while coming away with something immediately understood by the public as positive.

Levi's Stock Is Singing the Blues, But the Name Doesn't Look That Bad to Me

LEVI is plunging as Wall Street pans its latest quarterly results, but I'll buy shares if they fall much further.

Domino's Pizza Isn't Likely to Deliver Positive Returns for a While

Prices gapped lower this morning in reaction to their quarterly numbers. Let's see how that may have changed a couple of charts.

I Would Wait to Buy Domino's Pizza

I think an interested buyer would be wise to wait and see what the analyst community does in reaction to the guidance.

Keep an Eye on Uber

This isn't fundamental or a technical view, but speaking with Uber drivers who are positive - as I have - might go a long way towards helping turn sentiment around the company.

Uber? No Thanks

I have absolutely no interest in this stock until we have a handle on supply and demand after the lock-up expires.

Uber Shares May Ride a Bit Higher in the Short Run

Citigroup's upgrade of Uber to buy from neutral could be enough to generate some positive momentum for the ride-sharing company.

HP Stock Looks So Bad, I Think I'm Going to Buy Just a Little Right in Here

A place for HPQ in a portfolio with a mission statement geared toward driving revenue might not be a terrible idea.

HP Announces a Restructuring, but What Do the Charts Say?

Where's HPQ headed? We have some clues.

My View on PepsiCo Is Definitely Skewed Towards a Bullish Outlook

In a challenging market, this is a name I'd be comfortable holding.

PepsiCo Reports Earnings and Here's How I'm Trading It

What stocks to own in a tough environment for equities? PEP is one of those names.

PepsiCo Ready to Rally on Beat but Broad Market Could Impact Its Movement

The beverage and snack food giant posted better-than-expected third-quarter results but still needs to show independent strength in the days ahead.

Stitch Fix Has All the Characteristics of a Bottom in Play

Here's how I'm playing the stock based on its post-earnings history.

Stitch Fix Is Not a Good Fit Right Now

The charts of Stitch Fix could use a master tailor and aggressive buyers.

Micron: Let's Get to the 'Bottom' of the Story on This Chip Stock

'Bottoming' and 'bottomed' are two very different things.

Tesla Trade Ideas From a Company Skeptic

Gone are the days, when an investor can take one side or the other in Tesla for anything more than a trade.

Micron Might Actually Be Fairly Priced Where It Currently Sits

Let's see what the trading into early next week brings before establishing any new trades in Micron.

Micron Is a Tricky Stock to Trade

I have made money being long Micron when I was sure that I needed to get out. I have lost money being long Micron when I was sure that I was right.

Watch How Micron Trades Before Throwing It Under the Bus

Let's see how the semiconductor company opens, trades and closes before deciding if it is a buying opportunity or the start of a deeper decline.

Peloton Is More Than a Short-Term Fad, but Not a Long-Term Phenomenon

Look for cult love/hate to be quickly established on this IPO.

Fed 'Blindsided' Again, Peloton's No Bargain, Trading Jabil: Market Recon

Does the Fed just keep injecting liquidity into money markets every single night forever?

Staying on the Sidelines With Best Buy for Now

I don't love it, but I don't hate it.

Generally Speaking, I Like Best Buy

There are definitely worse places to invest than in the equity of BBY.

Best Buy May Have a New Strategy but the Charts Haven't Changed Yet

Shares of the electronics retailer have been trading sideways for months and its charts tell us neither buyers nor sellers have been more aggressive.

Can Nike Earnings Turn the Tide? Wrong Question

We may be better off examining the concept of a post-earnings trade.

Wanna Invest in Nike? Here's My Take

The growth in e-commerce will be very closely watched by Wall Street as Nike reports earnings after Tuesday's market close.

Nike Is Positive Looking but Only Go Long on Strength

Let's review a few charts and indicators to see if traders have positioned themselves for a bullish or a bearish earnings report.