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Wall Street Voices Skepticism on AbbVie's Aggressive Allergan Acquisition

Despite the financial positivity, many analysts warn the deal could have hiccups ahead.

AbbVie Gets a Shot in the Arm With Allergan Buy, but Now Look Elsewhere

The deal makes sense for growth - and for Allergan shareholders - but now the price and uncertainty make this stock hard to swallow.

Think AbbVie Is Overpaying for Allergan? Pfizer Offered Way More in 2015

PFE was ready to pay $160 billion until U.S. regulators blocked the deal.

AbbVie Joins Giant Acquisition Trend in Big Pharma With Allergan Deal

The proposed, $63 billion transaction is the latest deal in an industry where it can be cheaper to buy the science of another company than develop products.

AbbVie Is Likely to Decline as Investors Digest Its Takeover Announcement

Let's look closer at the charts and indicators of ABBV.

AbbVie Fizzles, Gold, Bitcoin and (Some) Biotech Sizzles

AbbVie is dropping on Allergan deal announcement, momentum is weak outside certain pockets.

Where is the 'New' Caesars in the Casino Stock Standings?

Does a deal with Eldorado give Caesars all it needs to shift the market share dynamics in the casino industry?

No Rush to Get Involved in the Caesars, Eldorado Deal

If I am going to tie up money in this deal, it would be only at a significant discount, and only from the ERI side.

The Odds of the Eldorado, Caesars Deal Closing Are Strong

I believe a small wager on CZR shares here is worthy of consideration

Caesars Entertainment Should Trade Up Towards the Deal Price

Let's look at two charts.

Caesars Soars as Traders Hail Eldorado Resorts Deal

The $17 billion acquisition of Caesars by Eldorado is welcomed by activist investor Carl Icahn, who had been pushing Caesars board for a deal.

Prohibition and the Paradoxical Proclivity of Cannabis Consumption

Is prohibition the real factor propping up projections for demand and pricing in the cannabis market?

Should Investors Buy the Dip in Canopy Growth Stock?

Canopy's earnings losses could just be a stepping stone to becoming the industry leader.

Canopy Growth's Latest Results Can Be Wrapped Up in One Word: Ugly

The cannabis company's performance as outlined in its year-end report should not inspire investor confidence.

Canopy Growth Slips as Production, Margins Disappoint

While the cannabis company's stock is sliding on its year-end report, at least one analyst sees a long-term buying opportunity.

Can Oracle Retake Lost Market Share -- Or Is It In the Clouds?

Oracle tells investors it can regain the crown it once held among enterprises and end-users, but some aren't so sure.

Oracle Still Towers Above

Tech giant's earnings prove it's a reigning power in the cloud, but now may not be the time to chase the stock.

Wall Street Is Still Waiting on the Oracle Debate to Settle

Is the bad news for Oracle all over?

Oracle's Charts Could Switch From Bearish to Bullish With Strong Close Thursday

The bearish alignment of indicators makes Thursday price strength a bit surprising.

Slack Marches to the Beat of a Different Drum in Unicorn Parade

Will Slack help set a new trend for IPO strategy among red-hot technology companies?

Here's How Adobe Stacks Up After Earnings

Adobe bulls may want to keep their excitement in check for the next two to three weeks, as over the past nine out of 10 reports, the stock has moved between 1% and 4% the day after reporting.

Adobe's Partnerships, Smart Buys Are Paying Off for Shareholders

Adobe may be eyeing future M&A.

Will Adobe Break Out to New Highs or See Profit-Taking?

What the latest charts and indicators are telling us after Wednesday night's earnings.

Adobe Surges as Opportunity Overshadows Light Third-Quarter Forecast

Adobe's leadership position in cloud is clearing the way for share growth and pushing its shares higher despite more conservative guidance from management.

Is Facebook's Blockchain Bet the Next Big Thing in Big Tech?

Is Libra the next tectonic shift in tech? Is it even a cryptocurrency at all?

Libra: What You Need to Know About Facebook's New Cryptocurrency

Facebook's first blockchain-backed payment initiative is here. Here's what investors and crypto enthusiasts need to know.

Can Instagram Survive Independent From Facebook?

Is breaking up big tech just another big headache?

Wall Street Says Investors Should Be Tuning Into Facebook Watch

Investors might be missing the case for Facebook Watch amid the crypto focus. These analysts say they need to keep their eyes on the effort.

Facebook Is Likely to Fail to Break Out on the Upside Above $200

Facebook's charts don't look much better than they did earlier this month.

Facebook Gains as Market Finds Crypto Opportunity Intriguing

Facebook is fomenting optimism on its blockchain bets, despite traditional cryptocurrency criticism.