C3.ai Is My Lottery Ticket: Here's How Traders Can Cash In

The firm, which considers itself an enterprise AI software company, reports earnings after Wednesday's close

Debt-Ceiling Deal, AI's Revolution, Charting the Indexes, Wild Week Ahead

Business has always been cut-throat. This will take the cut-throat nature of business to a whole new level.

Costco Slows But Should Do Well in a Tougher Climate: Here's the Trade

The company could use the extra revenue that an increase in membership fees would produce, but it has been reluctant to go there.

Debt Saga Drags On, Rate Hike Handicapping, Data Deluge, Marvelous Marvell

Plus, the Nasdaq and S&P 500 did not do justice to Thursday's market action as there were far more losers than winners on the day.

Kapow! If AI Is the Drug, Nvidia Is the Dealer: Get Out of Jensen Huang's Way

I don't know if I have in my entire career... seen a guidance beat of this magnitude by a large firm with a huge following.

Nvidia's Shooting Star, Negative Watch, China's Cyber Threat, Fed Minutes, SNOW

Nvidia's overnight move has put it back into my top-five holdings by weighting.

Palo Alto Networks Results Are Strong, But Problems Are Brewing: Here's the Play

Should the broader market run into trouble, cybersecurity is where a lot of profits are.

Debt Ceiling Games, Saudi Oil Warning, Covid Vaccine Stocks, Pressured Equities

New Covid infections appear to be surging in China due to the rise of the XBB sub-lineage of the Omicron variant.

Zoom Video's Selloff May Be a Gift Because There's a Trade to Be Made

Is growth slowing down? Of course. Still, I think Wall Street is misreading this stock.

Dancing on the (Debt) Ceiling, 'Productive' Progress? Fed, Zooming In on Zoom

If only this were a drinking game and 'productive' was the keyword.

Meta, Fined by the EU, Should Be Okay for Now: But When Do Traders Cut Bait?

If this fine is paid in full with no appeal and or no settlement, that would leave a nasty mark.

Debt Ceiling, Marketplace, Fed Talk, More Earnings, Busy Week Ahead

The focus this week will once again be on political posturing and political theater and its impact on the US and global economies as well as on financial markets.

Deere Rips the Cover Off the Ball: Here's the Trade

Performance and guidance are solid across all segments.

Fed Hawks Squawk, Rates Rate New Odds, Trifurcated Thursday, Found Ukraine Money

Plus, there are more voices of optimism that a debt ceiling deal is close.

Cisco Is Trading Lower. Here's Why I'm Buying

I am initiating a long position in the stock after its latest results.

Debt Ceiling Algo Paradise, Regional Banks Pop, Trading ServiceNow, Nvidia, AMD

Traders are likely leading investors. Investors remain less convinced, while traders are taking advantage of (or intentionally creating) momentum.

TJX Thrives When the Economy Struggles: Here's the Play

While the stock is a little on the expensive side, it's not expensive relative to its group of retail firms.

Debt Ceiling Progress? Market Temperament, Retail Sales, Defense Stocks, AI

There are now two weeks until what we think is the deadline for getting a debt bill passed into law.

Home Depot Is a Hot Potato: If You Must Trade It, Here's How

There's a lot to not like here.

Debt Ceiling Countdown, Buffett's 13F Filing, Household Debt, Catch This Train?

For the first time in 20 years, U.S. consumers did not pay down some credit card debt during the first quarter.

Is It Time to Get Back Into CVS Health? Here's a Trade Idea

The fundamentals are not in tip-top shape, and now investors have reduced guidance to deal with.

Fed Speakers Galore, Debt Ceiling, Retailers, Charting the Indexes, Week Ahead

Would the Fed be out in this kind of force early in the week if there were not some kind of message to be sent?

Lilly Has a Hot Obesity Drug: Here's How to Trade the Stock

On top of all the other best-selling drugs in the firm's stable, Mounjaro has game-changer type potential.

Decelerating Inflation, Accelerating Claims, Debt Drama, Elon's Twitter News

Plus, defense chiefs testify before Congress about hypersonic weapons and the ability of the U.S. to defend itself against them.

Disney Remains a Work in Progress: Here's Where to Add Shares

Bringing back CEO Bob Iger was the right call at the right time.

CPI's Goldilocks' Moment, Inflation and the Fed, Google AI, Trading Alphabet

Unlike our friend who visited the house of the three bears, don't get too comfortable. That's how expectations become unanchored.

That's a Wrap

That was an interesting day. We had a really mediocre April consumer price index report that markets wanted to celebrate just because the headline year-over-year pace of inflation slowed down by just one tick. Ten markets sold off into the afternoon...

Baseball Trivia Answer

Five pitchers in the top 10 in all-time losses pitched in the modern era. By modern era, I mean post 1947 (Jackie Robinson). All five are in the Hall of Fame. Can you name them?   1-  (3rd overall)... Nolan Ryan 292 losses. 2 - (5th overall)... Phil...

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