Trade Costco If You Must, But It's Not for Me

As for upside catalysts, COST potentially has two. Neither appears to be imminent.

Point of No Return, Punishing Mistakes, Gnarly Bond Spread, 2 Possible Catalysts

Plus, we take looks at Eli Lilly and Raytheon Technologies after positive news developments for both companies.

With Darden Restaurants, I Wouldn't Stay at the Table Too Long

This is a story of declining margin in an inflationary environment.

Fed's Fearful DM, GDP Be Damned, Sorry Spreads, Charting S&P 500's Slide

Plus, Thursday's trading saw every select sector SPDR ETF lose ground after Jerome Powell's utterances after the latest FOMC meeting.

I'm Grabbing Some Bank of America for a Short-Term Trade

What I'm really aiming for on Fed Day is a small profit on a trade. Nothing more, nothing less.

Fed Day, Energy Commodity Prices, Dangerous Russia, Charting the S&P, Apple

How the Fed's Powell reacts to questions in the press conference becomes just as important if not more so than the policy decision itself.

Here's How to Trade Nvidia Even Though It Has Tempered Expectations

It's a make or break week for the chipmaker.

Market Rally Technically Dead, Slowing Economy, Earnings Expectations, Fed Week

Of all of the corporate events scheduled for this week, there are two that stand out, Nvidia and Wells Fargo.

There's No Way I'd Buy FedEx Here: I'd Rather Trade UPS

But If UPS has been similarly impacted, I would say that it's nearly 'game over.'

Cruisin' for a Bruisin', More Data Ugliness, Inversion Update, FedEx Red Flags

As for Thursday's trading, the longer it lasted, the worse it became.

Trading Adobe Is Risky as It Makes a Questionable Deal for Figma

It's really hard to find something to like about ADBE's chart.

The Day After, Energized By APA, 3-Day Rule, On the Rails, 'Checking' on Walmart

How alarming is it that six months after inflation had apparently peaked, we now see prices heating up in parts of the economy that had not been as hot as others?

Meta Platforms Is Now Priced as a Value Stock: Here's the Trade

META is a cheap stock relative to the marketplace. However, at least for now, this isn't a growth stock.

Ugly Market, Critical Situation, Treasury Markets, 5 Ways to Proceed

Headline inflation is stabilizing where it is, and core inflation is actually still heating up. That's problematic.

Sticker Shock: Consumer Inflation Burns Investors

The headline August consumer price index printed at 0.1% month-over-month and 8.3% year-over-year, but that's not the whole story.

There Are 2 Better Bets Than Oracle Right Now

There's no way I feel good about buying Oracle stock right now.

Crucial CPI, Hoping for the Real Thing, Wall Street Braces, Intel, Rockin' Apple

Trading volume remains the missing ingredient that prevents me from confirming this rally as the 'real thing.'

It's Time for Me to Jump Into Intel. Yes, Intel

First time in a long time, but I'm following where the government money is going.

Whatta Week!, Key Upcoming Data, Charting Treasuries, Trading Boston Scientific

How big is the August CPI this week? It is everything.

Not Bad ... Not Bad At All

Soul Kitchen Well. the clock says it's time to close now I know I have to go now I really want to stay here All night, all night, all night - Morrison, Densmore. Manzarek, Krieger (The Doors), 1967   What a Day! Can't say that I saw this one coming....

I Just Got an Interesting Email

I don't really follow Indian markets, but I found this interesting. John Murphy at StockCharts just sent out his afternoon emails, and the S&P GSCI Commodity Index was among them. Take a look at this action since June: Now, check out this Indian com...

NFL Trivia

Every NFL fan likes to mock the NY Jets. The franchise won Super Bowl III as a member of the AFL. The Jets have never been back to the big game, having lost the AFC Championship Game in 1982, 1998, 2009 and 2010. Over the past 40 years, the Jets hav...

Charting Occidental Petroleum

- Warren Buffett inspired name. We all know that Berkshire Hathaway has been buying the shares. - Trades 10 times Forward Looking Earnings. - Tangible book value of $19.45 per share - Free cash flow of $4.64 per share. - Q2 adjusted EPS of $3.16 on ...

On TV Later

I may disappear briefly around 3 pm ET. I'm set to appear on The Claman Countdown (top of the show) with Teddy Weisberg for an interview with Liz Claman. This will be on the Fox Business Network. I'm told Liz wants to ask about positioning going int...

The Week Ahead

MONDAY Economics (All Times Eastern) 13:00 - Ten Year Note Auction: $32B. The Fed (All Times Eastern) Blackout Period. Earnings Highlights (Consensus EPS Expectations) After the Close: (1.08)  TUESDAY  Economics (All Times Eastern)  06:00 - NFIB Sma...

Recent Addition to the Sarge-Folio

Earlier this week, after the earnings related selloff, I added this name to my book...  UiPath - Provider of robotic software meant to eliminate the need for hands-on execution of manual and mundane tasks.  - Q2: Adjusted EPS of a loss of $0.02 (dow...

Charting Amazon

- Q2: GAAP EPS of a loss of $0.20 on revenue of $121.23B (+7%) - Revenue growth last four quarters in succession: +15%, +9%, +7%, +7%. - Q3 expectations: EPS of $0.21, down from $0.31, on revenue of $128B (+15.4%). Amazon has formed a cup with handl...

DocuSign Needs to Show Me Why I Should Buy This Stock

I want to see who takes the job of chief executive before committing capital.

Affordable Care Act Health Plan Premiums Set to Rise (Yet Again)

From this morning's Wall Street Journal, here.

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