I Certainty Wouldn't Invest in Target Right Now, But I Would Trade It

I really am stunned by the hits to the quality of the balance sheet that both Target and Walmart have suffered.

Trading These Markets, April Data, Fed Speak, AMD Moves

There's no doubt that the Fed Chair was about as hawkish as we have ever heard him, but his crew seemed to try to temper that hawkish posture.

Walmart's Results Are Ugly, But For Now It's Tradable

Walmart is technically oversold, and deservedly so based on the fundamentals.

Pivotal Tuesday, Buffett's Buys, Niagara Falls? Profit Margins, Trading Chevron

As investors ran away from equities earlier this year, Warren Buffett ran towards the market.

Is It Time to Jump Back Into Ford? Here's How to Trade It

I do believe that the risk/reward proposition is starting to think about smiling favorably on Ford.

Markets, Not So Confident Fed, Stocks Losing Streak, China Economy, My Trades

This week's earnings focus will be on the retailers with rivals such as Walmart and Target, as well as Home Depot and Lowe's reporting.

Affirm's Results Impressed and Here's Why I Want a Piece of the Action

There are several reasons why the shares were trading higher.

Glimmer of Hope, Little Guys Shine, GDP Watch, Powell Pounds Away, Musk Twitter

Plus, a look at the box that the U.S. economy is in.

Market Recon: Several Thoughts Ahead of Wednesday's CPI Data

This morning's CPI print will certainly be this week's (month's) catalyst if there is to be a short-term rally in equities.

Wild Week, Markets, Earnings, US Economy, Rivian Stock, Kohl's

The US may very well escape recession this year, putting it off until early next year. Other global economies may not be so lucky.

Invest in Block? It's Definitely Tradable

Everyone watches the Cash App segment which is super reliant on Bitcoin for performance. When that's good, it's great. When Bitcoin is not so hot?

Index Road Kill, S&P 500 Has a Pulse, Sector Slaughter, Betting on CEOs

Plus, we take a revealing look at the movements in the yield curve and pop in on the dismal charts of Shopify and Peloton Interactive.

Betrayed by Wall Street? Then Gather Up Courage, Get Ready for the Fight

Right now stocks might feel like the kiss of death, but don't give up. Instead, clench your fists and be ready to pounce.

Albemarle Wows 'Em: Here's How to Play It

ALB is executing at a high level. The outlook for this year is outstanding. Still, that balance sheet is a tough one to swallow.

3 Key Fed Takeaways, the Rally, Deciphering Price Discovery, Less Than Convinced

Has the FOMC heeded Market Recon's advice? Probably not.

AMD Crushed It, Lisa Su Crushed It: Here's How to Trade It

The environment for chip stocks is undeniably tough. I'm a believer in an almost permanent state of demand for everything this industry does.

Happy Fed Day, US Economy, Markets, Earnings, Trading Livent

These markets expect the Fed to take the FFR up 225 basis points by September and another 50 bps to make 275 in total by year's end.

As Pfizer Faces a Period of Volatility, Here's My Plan for the Shares

There will have to be an adjustment made to their Covid vaccine and others at some point.

Won't Get Fooled Again, Bullish Reversal, Goldman Rocks, Trading Baxter

Markets will either confirm or deny Monday's bullish reversal this week. Traders are already up to their eyeballs in water snakes and alligators.

Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett and Munger: Here's the Play

My strategy relies upon two fellows aged 91 and 98 not only not retiring, but also staying sharp.

Friday's Beatdown, Indexes Crushed, Equities, Earnings, Trading Environment

I would think that there could be a sharp rally at some point this week. There will be plenty of news.

A Real Rally, GDP Downer, FOMC in a Pickle, Trading Apple and Amazon

Plus, a close look at the scary decline in Americans' disposable income.

Qualcomm Is Now an Elite Semiconductor Company: Here's My Plan

This is a name that I haven't really considered for quite some time. Obviously that's an oversight.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Trading Meta Platforms, What's Down Teladoc?

Wednesday's session was dominated by traders, algorithmic traders for sure, but traders nonetheless. The PMs mostly sat on their hands.

Microsoft Excels at Every Level: Here's How to Trade It

This is still a tough environment for software stocks. You think the business world will stop leaning on Azure? Me neither.

Market Beatdown, Breadth, Russian Gas Flow, Fed's Board, Earnings, Stock Trades

Remember that this is a traders' market more than an investors' market. That's how it'll be until we have a change in trend and confirming follow through.

Even in This Environment UPS Remains Attractive: Here's My Plan

Fuel prices could change that, but not right now, not right here.

Twitter and Musk, Monday Reversal, Treasuries, Energy's Hammer, Kohl's Cash-Out?

I found two very interesting takeaways from Monday's sharp market reversal.

In This Environment, I'd Be More Risk Averse With Intuitive Surgical

The firm has been hurt and continues to be hurt by the effects of the pandemic.

An Awful Situation, Surging China Pandemic, Markets Find Religion, Fed, Earnings

One positive takeaway last week was the very low trading volume for Nasdaq-listed stocks in aggregate and for constituent names of the Nasdaq Composite.