My Stock Pick for the Rest of 2023? The Big 'B'

Here's why I'm going with a diversified value name.

After Splunk Grab, Cisco's a Slam Dunk

I didn't like the idea of a cash deal at the start, but after going through the fundamentals, I think it's a wise move -- and here's why I'm adding the stock.

Powell's Terrible Swift Sword, Fed Fallout, What Scared Investors, Key Takeaways

The Fed Chair did not sound as sure of himself or the committee as has in the past. He seemed as uncertain about the future of the economy as are the rest of us, which is a negative.

I Just Can't Give Boeing the All-Clear Yet

This defense and aerospace stock looks brighter than its competitors, but it's still a tough jet to fly.

Judgment (Fed) Day, What to Expect, Hawking Their Message, S&P 'Loses Contact'

The FOMC likely wants everyone to see this meeting as more of a 'skip' and less of a 'pause.'

Palantir: Dan Ives Is Impressed, and So Am I

This has been a big time for this big-data stock. Here's my take and how I'd handle it.

Waiting on the Fed, Homebuilder Confidence Sags, Instacart IPO, Shutdown Risk

If you think we have no idea concerning economic growth, just get a load of these professional economists -- all working at regional district branches of our nation's central bank.

Here's Why I'm Pointing to Arm Holdings as a Short Play

Why should this IPO be valued more highly than Nvidia or AMD?

Weakest Week of the Year, Where Markets Stand, Whole Bunch of Ugly, Fed Meeting

The week following the September 'triple-witching' expirations event, which was this past Friday, is often the worst week for U.S. market performance for the entire year.

Adobe Is a Great Company, No Doubt About It: Here's the Trade

It's beating expectations, beating guidance, generating robust operating and free cash flows, and steadily rising recurring revenues.

Fed's Message, Markets, Retail Sales, Triple Witching Friday

The FOMC will have to altar market expectations for the November 1st decision in order to restore flexibility/optionality in decision making.

If the UAW Strikes the Big 3 at Midnight, Here's How to Trade It

I do think that once a strike is called that these stocks will likely suffer a negative market reaction.

Uncomfortable CPI, Inflation Bogeymen, Arm IPO, Trading Apple and Berkshire

As Apple tries to find a bottom, Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway, a major shareholder, traded at record highs both on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Apple: There's No Reason for Investors to Be Disappointed

Strong balance sheets and huge cash positions that come bearing massive operating and free cash flows are not to be ignored.

August CPI, Consumer Level Inflation, Economic Underperformance, Treasuries

The economy is roaring, 'they' say. You sure? Certainly not at the household level.

Oracle's Results Weren't as Bad as the Market Reaction: Here's the Trade

The quarter was mixed. Sales were weaker than expected, as was revenue guidance.

Apple Wonderlust, S&P Head and Shoulders, Consumers on Thin Ice, Trading RTX

In what may or may not be a key development, Nvidia stock experienced a downside piercing of both its 50-day SMA and long-term trendline of support.

Is Tesla a Buy Amid Key Upgrade on Autonomous Driving?

Questions will be centered around margin as it has moved to better compete and not surrender market share... especially in China.

Remembering 9/11, Apple and China, Markets, Earnings Outlook, Busy Week Ahead

From a macroeconomic perspective, this will be a much more active week than was last week.

That's The Ballgame

Well, that was an almost sloppy day to put an end to a rather lousy week for the markets. If one wasn't in Energy or in Utilities, one probably had a tough time making some dough outside of the options market. Both equities and Treasury securities s...

End of Week Tweet

guy on CNBC, yet again — “consumer balance sheets are very strong”… *drink* ¿ — Ben (@KingOfConvexity) September 8, 2023

Finally Breaking Out?

Here's CrowdStrike: View Chart » View in New Window » - Target Price: $200 - Pivot Point: $167 - Add: Down to the 50 day SMA, currently $152 - Add Aggressively: Down to $140 (Fib level) - Panic: A break below that $140 level.

Baseball Trivia Question Answer

There are three pitchers in MLB history - most of us have seen and will remember all three - that have pitched at least 50 complete games, struck out at least 1,000 batters and saved at least 100 games. Most of you will get the easy two right away. ...

A Very Hard Baseball Trivia Question

Last week, I was accused of going easy on you. This has been corrected. There are three pitchers in MLB history - most of us have seen and will remember all three - that have pitched at least 50 complete games, struck out at least 1,000 batters and ...

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Isn't It Odd?

That Berkshire Hathaway has not skipped a beat, even though Apple has been punched in the nose and we know that Berkshire holds a ton of AAPL? Same year, it broke out of a flat base into a rising wedge that produced upward spasm upon closing. Is tha...

DocuSign: Is There a Reason Not to Buy? Here's What Traders Can Do Now

This was not a bad quarter. The increased buyback is nice. Cash flows are impressive. The balance sheet is not as bad as it looks.

Nvidia Re-Test

I showed you guys a version of this chart last week, with Nvidia trading in the mid-$480's. The fact is that NVDA is being tested today, but has not yet broken. Not only has long-term support held so far, so has the 50 day SMA (simple moving average...

ServiceNow's Winning Streak

ServiceNow is going for its 11th consecutive "up" day. The $600 calls are expiring tonight. Equity position is great. Need $605 (and change) to break even on the calls. We'll see how this goes.  

Tweet of The Morning

We believe China news is way overblown as we estimate ~500k iPhones the max impact we see from govt ban worries. For context we forecast 45 mm iPhones to be sold in China the coming year. Apple a top employer (factoring in Foxconn/supply chain) in C...