That's a Wrap

Okay, gang. Closing time. Equity markets shaded mostly red. The Nasdaq Composite gave up 0.82% on heavy trading volume. The S&P 500 gave up just a smidge, while the Dow Industrials actually gained some small ground thanks to American Express . Only ...

What to Watch Next Week

Next Week (Selected Macro) Monday   AM: PM:   Tuesday   AM: , , , , , PM: , , ,   Wednesday   AM: , , , PM: , ,   Thursday   AM: PM: , ,   Friday   AM: , PM: none Next Week (Selected Macro)   Monday: Dallas Fed Manufacturing Index   Tuesday: Case-Sh...

Thinking About Buying the Dip in IBM?

They do say that unfilled gaps usually do fill, even if eventually.   Jim Chanos, who came into earnings short the stock, tells a cautionary tale. Chanos tweeted, "The basic problem" alluding to IBM's operating income over the trailing 12 months of ...

Talk About Pricing Power...

The rails are having a "decent" October: Today:  : +3.58% : +2.00% : +1.71% : +1.46%

Honeywell: Panic Is Not a Solution

Disappointment Perhaps because I think highly of CEO Darius Adamczyk. Though in his defense he did admit last week that the supply chain struggles now hitting almost all goods producing companies took him by surprise. Perhaps it's just because I am ...

Favorite All-Time

Baseball player: Tom Seaver Football Player: Joe Namath Hockey Player: Nick Fotiu Basketball Player: Walt Frazier Favorite Olympian: Frank Shorter  Opinions welcome...

Powell Speaks

John Wesley Powell, also known as Boog, hit 339 major league home runs in an era where hitting the ball out of the park was much more difficult than it is today. The ballparks were larger, starting pitchers were much, much better. Every team had at ...

There's No Reason to Bail on Cleveland-Cliffs: Here's When I'll Add Shares

I've been on the bandwagon for a short while now, producing income through the sales of related puts and calls.

Charting Tesla

Where is the pivot? That is the question. Everyone can see the overbought Relative Strength Index. Everyone can see the overbought Full Stochastics Oscillator. Everyone can see the daily MACD that looks like it has lost touch with reality. The share...

Welcome WeWork

I have to say, as someone who has worked for himself for many years now, I have always thought that the WeWork model had tremendous potential. On and off, I have toyed with the idea of renting a desk or small office much closer to the New York Stock...


JP Morgan lowers Snap price target from $90 to $73. Wells Fargo lowers Snap price target from $95 to $75.


President Biden was asked on Thursday during a CNN Town Hall whether or not he could pledge that the U.S. would protect Taiwan. His answer was the only one I think the world wanted to hear... "Yes". Biden explained, "I don't want a Cold war with Chi...

Now at the Plate, Your Pinch Hitter, Stephen Guilfoyle!

It's great to be filling in again for Doug Kass at the Daily Diary. Friday. Friday. Friday. Hope you're ready. I know I am. Markets have turned for the better overnight as Evergrande delayed impending doom, despite semi-negative to profoundly negati...

Evergrande Surprise, Trump's New Truth, Phunware Fun, Bitcoin Weirdness

Plus, Snap Inc. disappoints with its guidance as Apple lets users opt out of being tracked by individual apps.

To Invest or Not to Invest in AT&T? Traders Can Move On

AT&T is definitely a different company than it was, and will continue to evolve into mid-2022.

Nasdaq Streaks, Bitcoin Beast Mode, Fed Thoughts, Sloppy Auction, Tesla Earnings

I have had some real success playing volatile names ahead of news events from the short-side, but this is not something I would recommend for newer traders.

Abbott Labs Earnings Are Astounding! Here's My Trade Idea

ABT reported its third quarter financial performance on Wednesday morning.

Algorithmic Control, Bearish Kass, Budget Framework, Trading Netflix, Microsoft

Plus, the Chinese government raised $4 billion in dollar bonds on Tuesday, borrowing on the cheap from the international community.

I'm Not Chasing Johnson & Johnson but Here's How I'd Trade It

If one is already long, do today's earnings provoke a sale? Not in my opinion, but do they provoke a purchase?

Black Monday Recollections, Bitcoin ETF Launch, Fed Numbers, FDA, Disney's Dip

While cryptocurrencies are indeed an asset class, and they are divisible, they do not serve as a medium of exchange, and remain unproven as a store of value.

Here's the Safest Way to Get Long Netflix Ahead of Earnings

NFLX reports its third quarter financial performance after the close of business tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon.

What a Week, China's Troubles, Hypersonic Weapons, Earnings, FDA Drug Approvals

The lack of urgency at the FDA, as it is in the defense space, is alarming.

Goldman Sachs Had a Blowout Quarter but My Mission Is Accomplished

This trader bet on their traders. I'm not saying you're wrong for staying long.

Super Thursday, Filling Gaps, Crypto Regulator Talk, Amazing Alcoa, AMD Love

Plus, an FDA advisory panel gives a unanimous boost to a Moderna booster shot and Boeing slumps on a negative news report.

Here's Why I'm Long Wells Fargo and Bank of America

Still, my favorite financial name at the moment is SoFi Technology as I believe that they have all of these banks in their sights.

Treasury Sweet Spot, Inflation, Fed Minutes, Taiwan Semi, Trading UPS and FedEx

While supply-chain constraints are a global problem, consumer-level inflation is not yet as broad a problem, or at least not evenly distributed.

I Just Don't Love JP Morgan Stock Right Now

JPM reported the firm's third quarter financial performance and the unofficial start of earnings season is officially underway.

Market Volatility, Fed Speak, Earnings, Treasury Bonds, Trading Apple

There probably will be an intense period of market volatility that could stretch farther out than even I projected a couple of months ago.

Navigate Choppy Market Conditions With This Shipping Stock

With constrained trade routes between the U.S. and China, I want to own a piece of whomever is steering or parking those big ships off the port of Los Angeles and elsewhere.

Where the S&P and Nasdaq Stand, The New Green Team, Trading Southwest and Pfizer

With earnings season starting in earnest Wednesday, both indexes have offered investors nothing but lower highs coupled with lower lows since the start of September.