Devon Energy Corporation (DVN)

1.80 4.00
Prev Close 43.92
Open 42.79
Day Low/High 41.52 / 43.86
52 Wk Low/High 13.78 / 45.56
Volume 9.83M
Exchange NYSE
Shares Outstanding 677.00B
Market Cap 28.91B
P/E Ratio N/A
Div & Yield N.A. (N.A)

Oil Vey! (Part Deux)

Taking off my energy trading position. As I explained late yesterday, I took an outsized position in energy, superimposing a trading position over an investment position. And as suggested, I am capitalizing on this morning's gap higher by peeling of...

Oil Vey!

Energy will turn before crude stabilizes. Though oil continues to drop (down by $0.40 a barrel this morning), I want to emphasize that it is my view that the energy patch will turn before the price of crude stabilizes/rises. I have large positins in...

Checking My Oil Longs

They've gone from medium to large. My oil longs have gone from medium to large with late afternoon adds. Though I might be wrong, I expect the stocks to perform better before the commodity stabilizes. If I am correct in a trading opportunity (in add...

Contrarian Plays Can Pay Off

See: Caterpillar. Playing the contrarians sometimes pays off. When I put Caterpillar (CAT) on my Best Ideas list as a short in late November, at $106, the move was greeted unfavorably. It was in direct opposition to the exuberance of many on the sel...

Buy at the Sound of Cannons

At nearly full investment positions in large-cap energy. In keeping with my prior post, I am moving to a near full investment position in large-cap energy now. These are not trades. I expect to hold them for some time. I substantially added to my po...

The Happy Recap

I actively traded during today's session. I actively traded during the session, moving from a 25% net short position back to market neutral, and then back to 10% net short on the spectacular rise from the morning's depths. Active trading like this i...

Adding to Energy Longs

I am further adding to my energy longs now, the third buying tranche in the last 24 hours. In terms of weighting, I have gone from small to medium-sized now. An investment position and possibly a trade (near term ) as well.

Adding to My Energy Longs

But the positions are still relatively small. I have further added to my energy longs this morning -- Devon (DVN), Chevron (CVX) and Exxon Mobil (XOM) -- in a still relatively small way. My net short exposure is now under 15%.

Oil Price Should Stabilize Soon

Oil Price Should Stabilize Soon

Contrary to popular belief.

Not Buying the Dip

I am not buying this dip. Rather, I have raised my net short exposure today. I have further reduced Best Ideas (Citigroup (C), Radian (RDN) and Potash (POT)) and I have added some more ETF shorts. I also added to my trading rentals in the energy spa...

Expanding My Oil Longs

Here are the average prices. I expanded my trading positions in the oil patch. Here are my average prices on today's longs: Exxon Mobil (XOM) -- $91.95 Chevron (CVX) -- $107.10 Devon (DVN) -- $56.96

Oils as Trading Sardines

For short-term traders, anyway. Allow me to clarify my strategy when it comes to trading and investing in energy stocks.  I was flat in energy by late last week, and I commented about the sector as trading sardines on Thursday morning.  I took up an...

Continued Schmeissing in Oil

To a new low. Besides the continued disappointing economic data out of Germany, China and Japan, a distinguishing feature of this morning's trading is the continued schmeissing in the price of energy products.  This morning, crude oil is down by ano...

Transparency, Part Deux

Adding and subtracting. Over the last two days I added the same amount to my energy longs that I sold with partials in Citigroup (C), Radian (RDN) and Potash (POT) longs. 

Darling Devon

Devon is now nearly +$2 a share from this morning's low and purchase.

Reversal of Energy

Nice reversals in DVN and XOM off of this morning's lows.

Be Greedy When Others Are Fearful

Adding to my energy longs. I added to my energy longs: DVN ($58.65), CVX ($111.70) and XOM ($93.80). I am taking Baby Steps as I have no expectation (or allusion) of a short-term rise in the sector's share prices.  I am buying for intermediate term....

Oil Vey!

More on the folly of oil prices. Yesterday, I wrote about the folly of predicting oil prices. While I have no idea how much or when the price of oil will rally, it is instructive to point out two things: Oil has become very oversold in the past and ...

Potential Oil Stocks to Like

I wouldn't put in a full position just yet.

Energy Holdings Update

In and out. I'm out of Devon (DVN), have small longs in Exxon Mobil (XOM) and Chevron (CVX).

Paring Energy Buys

I will await more energy-sector panic. With oil prices bouncing (+$1.30) recent buys Chevron (CVX), Devon (DVN) and ExxonMobil (XOM) are rallying. For those that have a trading/short-term timeframe, I wouldn't be in these names. But from a several-y...

Trade Recaps

Today's trade recaps. I added to my XOM, CVX, DVN and FCX longs (all small adds). I stopped out my XLP short and reduced my CAT short.

Buying Devon

I made a small buy in Devon (DVN) just now at $58.85. Real small, though.

Oil Price Close to a Floor

Oil Price Close to a Floor

Follow the insiders to know when to jump in.

Energy Adding Lift

Energy stocks are buoying the market's recovery from the lows. Devon (DVN) (which I mistakenly pared down a bit earlier this week) is leading the league.

Taking Off Some Longs

Still housekeeping. Reducing some of my gross long exposure by taking off some of my longs: Citigroup (C) $54.01, Devon (DVN) $64.75 and Radian (RDN) $16.96 .

Still Long on Oil Stocks

Not a short-term rental. I continue to add to oil-stock longs -- strictly a long-term lease, not a short-term rental.

Time for an Energy Rally?

I'm more aggressive on my energy buys. As mentioned earlier today, I have been talking/writing about the potential dissolution of OPEC for a bit and the risk of lower prices for energy products . Now, with the general media, as it is wont to do, tal...

Crude Settles Down

Half of the gain has been given back. Crude, after an initial $1 rise per barrel, is settling back again: Half of the advance has been shaved. I'm getting hit on some of my energy bids.

Bidding for More Oils

Not a trade. I am bidding for more Chevron (CVX), Exxon Mobil (XOM) and Devon (DVN). This is an investment, not a trade.