J.M. Smucker Company (SJM)

1.60 1.50
Prev Close 109.35
Open 109.72
Day Low/High 109.11 / 111.36
52 Wk Low/High 91.88 / 125.62
Volume 577.91K
Exchange NYSE
Shares Outstanding 114.11B
Market Cap 12.48B
P/E Ratio 15.98
Div & Yield N.A. (N.A)

Latest News

The Long and the Short of It

* After "playing" the rally off of the March lows (with plenty of longs) I have recently (again) gotten net short of exposure To summarize some my recent activity: * I took off numerous investment longs (for profits) into the rally -- including , , ...

Tim on KHC

Yesterday, Tim "Not Judy or Phil" Collins looked constructively towards Kraft Heinz on a technical basis. I remain optimistic on the fundamentals of KHC and other packaged foods stocks (e.g., and ).

This Dividend Stock Offers a Sweet Opportunity for Risk-Wary Investors

This Dividend Stock Offers a Sweet Opportunity for Risk-Wary Investors

J.M. Smucker is a quality name that should continue to spread out dividends, even during a recession.

Wednesday's Takeaways

Something feels "wrong" about this market.  Mr. Market is remarkably bifurcated, there is insane speculation in worthless securities and the breadth seems "shaky" -- among many other issues. I ended the day much shorter than I started the day. Jay P...

A Midday Market Review

With the exception of a short and an elimination of my holdings - I have done little this morning. * Breadth is still a strong 3.5:1. * Ss (S&P) over Ns (Nasdaq), again, and despite strong gains in Tesla and Amazon . * Bonds are quiet. (I covered my...

J.M. Smucker Could See Further Weakness Before Longer-Term Gains

J.M. Smucker Could See Further Weakness Before Longer-Term Gains

This is one to avoid for now.

Warp Speed for 5 Vaccine Candidates, Watching KLA Corp, Trading Thoughts

Warp Speed for 5 Vaccine Candidates, Watching KLA Corp, Trading Thoughts

The administration will provide increased financial support to 5 pharmas working on Covid vaccines, and we must keep an eye on price action in this uncertain market.

Adding to SJM

I have been adding to J.M. Schmucker  on recent weakness. The shares sold down to below $107 on May 26th but have rebounded to $116 (+$2/share) today. Not sure why the "whoosh" last week but I have gotten my cost way down.

Kass: 1968 Redux?

Kass: 1968 Redux?

Nineteen Sixty-Eight was often considered to be one of the most turbulent and traumatic years of the 20th century in the U.S.

2020 Is Looking a Lot Like 1968, Without the Good Music

We are now in one of those times, like 52 years ago in 1968, that we and our children will always remember. Many of us have spent the weekend watching America burning in despair. As I write this missive, an extended portion of I-95 (in Palm Beach) h...

My Tactical Approach and Current Positioning

* I have liquidated a lot of my long positions and have been averaging into Index shorts lately * I worship at the altar of fundamentals and not of price momentum * Monday I will present a more lengthy analysis of my concerns over the balance of 202...


I added to J. M. Smucker in the late morning.

Tonight's Forecast... a Freeze(r) is Coming

Danielle DiMartino Booth on Food Storage Capacity (and by inference, the attraction of packaged food stocks -- such as Kraft Heinz , J. M. Smucker and TreeHouse Foods ): The April core CPI's decline of 0.4% was the largest ever, while the headline d...

Some Takeaways

* Breadth still nasty at 10-1 negative. * No real stability, yet. * Oil down two bits. * Gold +$9. * Bond yields down three to four basis points. * Energy, retail, financials, real estate, gaming, industrials broadly lower. * The only green on my ma...

It's Got to Be Good

I placed J.M. Smucker on my Best Ideas List on April 21. This morning I gave a push again to packaged foods stocks. SJM is trading +$2.20 today to over $119. The company is set to report on June 4.

The Overarching Level of Uncertainty Combines With Shifting and Worrisome Paradigm Shifts

* Big picture changes loom on the investment horizon * Many of these paradigm shifts are disruptive and market unfriendly * There will be some industry winners (healthcare/biotech, internet, packaged foods) but many industry losers (hotels, airlines...


Long, fun lunch! And the drinking might continue for a while tonite! The markets closed near the highs of the day and S&P futures are about 10 handles higher than the closing price. I am putting out more on the short side at $293.40 in the after hou...

New Buy (and Short) Levels

* My revised levels I don't want there to be any ambiguity about the size of my positions or about my buy and short levels as I strive for as much transparency as possible. "When the time comes to buy, you won't want to." --Walter Deemer "When the t...

Credit Suisse Endorses Packaged Foods Stocks This Morning

I recently endorsed the packaged foods goods sector and have purchased more Kraft Heinz , TreeHouse Foods and J. M. Smucker . (All three are on my Best Ideas List.) The stocks did quite well yesterday. Credit Suisse chimed in bullishly this morning ...

Random Thoughts Near the Close

* This month I learned that being long can be fun. * Breadth has been stuck at 4-1 (positive) for several hours. * Again, we could be seeing a powerful pivot away from growth and towards value. (I am hopeful that this is the start of such a transiti...

The Pivot From Growth to Value?

Today we see the pivot with some clarity: * A profound reversal in Amazon , which I discussed earlier in the day. The shares were +$35 and are now down by -$43 * Two areas of value - financials (money centers and brokerages) and packaged foods (e.g....

Cramer: The Stock Market Is Now Divided Into 3 Buckets - And One Is Unfortunate

Cramer: The Stock Market Is Now Divided Into 3 Buckets - And One Is Unfortunate

The problem for index fund owners is they own all three buckets and there are a lot more companies in the third bucket than in the first two.

Today's Action

We are a tad off the day's high, good market breadth. Nice move in which I put on my Best Ideas List yesterday.  +7% and up a beaner. Energy stocks strong with leading with a +8% gain. and +.  up another +$3 to $72.50! By contrast, financials are we...

You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

* From my perch, upside reward vs. downside risk turned more positive yesterday "You say yes, I say no You say stop and I say go go go, oh no You say goodbye and I say hello Hello hello I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello Hello hello I don...

SJM on Best ideas List

I am putting J. M. Smucker  on my Best Ideas List (long) at $117.60 now.

SJM Update

I paid $118.1 for - I like this price and moved to medium-sized.

The Secular Investment Case for Packaged Foods Stocks

* Structural shifts in demand for packaged goods are beginning to emerge from the Covid-19 crisis * A greater propensity for stay at home eating is at the core of my optimism * After 3-5 years of disappointing sales, a better than consensus secular ...

A New (Long) Investment Theme

Tomorrow I will present a summary of why I turned bullish last week on packaged goods stocks. I am long , and , among others.