Tortoise Acquisition Corp. Class A (SHLL)

Prev Close 48.16
Day Low/High 43.75 / 50.77
52 Wk Low/High 9.50 / 58.66
Exchange NYSE
Shares Outstanding 29.13B
Market Cap 1.40B
P/E Ratio 437.82
Div & Yield N.A. (N.A)

Stock picking isn't working nearly as well today and that is a warning sign we have to heed.

Let's look at the trading opportunities offered by special purpose acquisition companies -- or SPACs.

These 3 SPACs are very active in today's trading. This is where the action is.

Look beyond the large-cap technology stocks to find good trades right now.

Don't be in a rush. The key to accumulating stocks in this environment is to move incrementally.

There still are no major warning signs that a turn is about to occur.

Apple paves the way as pessimists were expecting a reversal that isn't happening.

What's most interesting about this market is how market players continue to hunt for entries despite all the warnings and negativity.

Market players aren't dumping stocks, they are just looking for better opportunities.

If you're looking for something that could work outside of the bigger influences over the next few weeks, INSU could be it.

Liquidity, steady dip-buying and new all-time highs for the S&P 500 make it very difficult to be too negative.

It's very mixed and chaotic action but it still has a positive tone and the indices are holding.

If you are focusing on the indices, you are missing some good trading opportunities.

I'm growing increasingly cautious but I'm still finding some stock picks that are working.

Hyliion via SHLL appears to be the more attractive risk versus reward.

It's probably time to start paying more attention to Nikola. And watch Tortoise Acquisition and Spartan Energy.

* Are we witnessing an end to the relentless rise in equities? * Are we witnessing an end to speculation (which, to me, has run amok)? * Rationalizing the irrational, recent boastful claims of speculative trading gains, and criticism of Warren Buffe...

The company designs and manufactures purpose-built, automotive-grade, all-electric vehicles, targeting the low-speed electric vehicle market.

We will anticipate, that's how the market works. No matter how we spin it those are anticipatory moves.

Hot stocks tend to have a second wind after the first batch of rookie traders wash out.

Electric vehicle sector sees lots of action, while jobs news provides a boost to the indexes, despite surge in Covid-19 cases.

To navigate this market effectively right now you have to understand that there are two major groups at work.

'Hot pockets' of speculative action suggest there might be more underlying market support than the pessimists think.

The market pullbacks are more positive than negative.

The EV market is nowhere near saturation yet. I believe we'll have some additional expansion before we begin to see takeovers.

There are plenty of good reasons why this market should struggle but the macro concerns can easily blind you to the micro opportunities.

The key right now is to see if sellers can gain traction or if this is just another 'one and done' event.

It continues to be a very good market for aggressive traders that focus on stock-picking and sectors.

FAANG stocks -- and particularly Apple -- lead the day higher, showing the market continues to defy the headlines.

Right now there's still too many pockets of good momentum to worry much about overall market conditions.