Radian Group Inc. (RDN)

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NYSE : Finance
Prev Close 25.44
Open 25.43
Day Low/High 25.35 / 25.71
52 Wk Low/High 14.78 / 26.28
Volume 825.87K
Avg Volume 971.60K
Exchange NYSE
Shares Outstanding 201.15M
Market Cap 5.09B
EPS 2.80
P/E Ratio 8.36
Div & Yield 0.01 (0.04%)

Holding Off on Radian

I need to get a better handle on the new regulations. I have a half position left in Radian (RDN), but I am holding off on adding until I understand the new regulations a bit better (as well as the probabilities of implementation).

In Case You Missed It

Here is yesterday late post on on the new capital rules facing the mortgage insurance industry. For those that didn't see my late post yesterday evening on the new capital rules facing the mortgage insurance industry, here is my post in its entirety...

The Real Skeleton in the European Banking Closet

EU banks' balance sheets are filled with artificially priced and inflated notes and bonds. I spent the better part of the early part of my Wall Street career following the banks. I have some Street cred. It all began when I was a Nader Raider, and I...

Assessing New Rules for Mortgage Insurers

Stocks in this group are lower after hours. "One more thing." -- Lt. Columbo After the close, the Federal Housing Administration released new capital standards for mortgage insurers. The implementation of the rules is lengthy -- two years -- with a ...

Halving Radian Long

I am battening down the investment hatches. To me, the market's action is classic topping. With a further gain today and in light of my intention to batten down the investment hatches. I am halving my Radian (RDN) core long now on today's strength.

Taking Some Profits on Radian

I am holding on to my core long position. I added to my Radian (RDN) at $13.83 earlier today. I am taking off today's purchase at $14.57 for a fast trade and 5% gain in a few hours. That said, I am holding on to my core long position.

Radian Is Up by Half a Buck

A good thing. Radian (RDN), my only long purchase today, is up $0.50 from the morning lows. A good thing.

Added to Radian Long

At $13.83. I added to my Radian (RDN) long at $13.83 this morning. My only long purchase.

Added to Radian Long

At $14.05. I have added to my Radian (RDN) long at $14.05. Reward vs. risk has turned very positive, even though I don't expect much out of the quarter (relative to expectations).

Checking the Book

Here's a quick-and-dirty look at some portfolio holdings/moves.  I am holding firm with Radian (RDN), Potash (POT), Bon-Ton (BONT) and other long-term longs. My only buy today was Monitise (MONI.L/MONIF) at $0.83. I am bidding lower for Direxion Dai...

Today's Trades

So far. I added to my Direxion Daily Small Cap Bear 3X Shares (TZA) long at $14.10, my Radian (RDN) long at $14.80, my Monitise (MONI.L/MONIF) long at $0.9050 and my Bon-Ton Stores (BONT) long at $10.25. I also shorted more SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) at...

Bidding for Two Longs

Namely, Radian and Bon-Ton. I am bidding slightly below the market for Radian (RDN) and Bon-Ton (BONT) now.

Keeping Tabs on Some Longs

Radian and Potash continue to do well, and Ocwen shakes off some silliness. Nice moves continue at Radian (RDN) and Potash (POT). Ocwen (OCN) had silly after-hours trading regarding news on a Massachusetts settlement -- it has since rallied. Otherwi...

Buying Radian

I am a $14.70 buyer of Radian (RDN) this afternoon. 

Buying Radian

I am a scale buyer of Radian (RDN) starting at $15.

Drop in Rates Is Good for Radian

I see a steady increase to $16-$18 in the months ahead. The drop in interest rates relative to consensus expectations is a plus for Radian (RDN). I see a steady increase to $16-$18 in the months ahead. Radian is on my Best Ideas list, and I recently...

Stocks to Buy at the Margin

Here are my candidates. It is hard to find (at least for me!) stocks to buy at the margin. But, Bon-Ton (BONT), Oaktree (OAK), Ocwen (OCN), Radian (RDN) and Baxter (BAX) are my candidates.

Expect More From Radian

I am raising my price target and my buy level for the shares. I am raising my 12-month price expectation for Radian Group (RDN) from about $15 to $18-$20, and I am increasing the entry buy level from about $14 to $15. Radian remains on my Best Ideas...

Bidding on Three Longs

Namely, Bon-Ton, Potash and Radian. I am bidding $10.10 for Bon-Ton (BONT), $35.25 for Potash (POT) and $14.05 for Radian (RDN).

Portfolio Review

Here are my current positions (long and short). Longs: Apple (AAPL), Baxter (BAX), Bon-Ton Stores (BONT), Citigroup (C), Ford (F), General Motors (GM), Monitise (MONI.L/MONIF), Northwest Bancshares (NWBI), Potash (POT), Procter & Gamble (PG), ProSha...

Time to Short Homebuilders?

I expect he pause in housing to continue during the all-important spring selling season. I am not yet short but I am looking at the homebuilders. My expectations are for the pause in housing (chronicled frequently in my diary) to continue during the...

Comment of the Day

From subscriber GERRY. Subscriber GERRY had an important question in the comments section about Radian (RDN) and my Best Ideas list. GERRY wanted to know why I keep the Radian position on the list while I have been selling off the shares and only no...

Radian Ramps Up

Over $16. Radian (RDN) trades over $16, and I am down to tag ends now.

Sold Some Radian

It has approached my price target. I took off some more Radian (RDN) now as it has approached my $16 target.

Taking Some Profits on GM

I am now paring back my GM long after a 5% run from the lows. Over the past week and during the market climb, I have been reducing my long holdings in Apple (AAPL), Potash (POT) and Radian (RDN), and I have eliminated my Altisource Residential (RESI...

Radian Near $16

A nice spot to pare down. Radian (RDN), near $16 again, is a nice spot to pare down for traders. For investors, the stock might have room to move higher in "the fullness of time."

Paring Back

I am further paring back my Potash (POT) and Radian (RDN) investments this afternoon. Getting my gross exposure down further in order to have plenty of ammunition.

Selling Some Potash, Radian

I am staying with my core investment positions. Attention traders: I am selling a portion of my Potash (POT) and Radian (RDN) longs now. Staying with my core investtent positions, though.

Life Is Good

Today has treated me well so far. It's a good day for the home team: ProShares UltraShort 20+ Year Treasury (TBT) continues to rip. Radian (RDN), off of an excellent quarter is now up by over 6% in the last day. Monitise (MONI.L) is making Billy Ido...

Busy Bidding

I am busy bidding on a basket of nine stocks/ETFs. I am bidding for the following stocks/ETFs: Apple (AAPL, $500); Procter & Gamble (PG, $75.75); Radian (RDN, $14.25); Altisource Residential (RESI, $29.05); Citigroup (C, $46.55); ProShares UltraShor...