Papa John's International, Inc. (PZZA)

2.16 2.27
Prev Close 95.20
Open 95.15
Day Low/High 94.42 / 98.00
52 Wk Low/High 28.55 / 102.25
Volume 433.04K
Exchange NASDAQ
Shares Outstanding 32.95B
Market Cap 3.14B
P/E Ratio 117.53
Div & Yield N.A. (N.A)

2020 Is Looking a Lot Like 1968, Without the Good Music

We are now in one of those times, like 52 years ago in 1968, that we and our children will always remember. Many of us have spent the weekend watching America burning in despair. As I write this missive, an extended portion of I-95 (in Palm Beach) h...

My Tactical Approach and Current Positioning

* I have liquidated a lot of my long positions and have been averaging into Index shorts lately * I worship at the altar of fundamentals and not of price momentum * Monday I will present a more lengthy analysis of my concerns over the balance of 202...

Jim Cramer: This Market's a Long Horse Race

Jim Cramer: This Market's a Long Horse Race

Let's take stock of who's likely to come out ahead in this winner-take-all marathon.

PZZA Update

On May 8, I sold the balance of my long at around $84. The shares are down by almost -$10 from the sale (trading at $75). I would be a $70 buyer.

Today's Trades

With the exception of selling the balance of my small position, I conducted no other trades today. A rare day.

My Papa John's Objective Has Been Met

Papa John's is up by another +$3 today. I have sold the balance of my PZZA at $84 as the shares have met my longer term objective. Its been a tasty ride. And for those that still own Papa John's... The company reported a solid first quarter last wee...

Taking the Sausage, Anchovies, and Meatballs Off My PZZA

Down to tag ends on Papa John's - its been a moon shot (but risk now exceeds reward). I am adding further to , , , and today ( +$0.88).

This Has Been Some Tasty PZZA

Papa John's shares are up another +$2.90/share to $75.60 - and that's another 52 week high. Last week I moved from medium-sized to small-sized.

If You Can't Answer This One Question, You Shouldn't Own the Russell 2000

If You Can't Answer This One Question, You Shouldn't Own the Russell 2000

Think you're diversified? Understanding what you are investing and trading in is key.

A Time to Plant And a Time to Pluck Up That Which Is Planted

* Mission accomplished? Sell in May and go away!  * In scope and duration, stocks have rallied in a manner rarely seen in history * Month-to-date April has been the best month for equities since 1974 * The S&P Index has climbed by +31.4% since the M...

Cutting Some More PZZA

I have moved Papa John's from medium-sized to small-sized based on the recent appreciation and reduced upside vs. downside.

Cutting My Pizza in Half!

I just reduced (+$6) at $73.20 from large-sized to medium-sized based on a changing reward vs. risk. Papa John's was added to my Best Ideas List in August, 2018 at about $39.

Today's Action

We are a tad off the day's high, good market breadth. Nice move in which I put on my Best Ideas List yesterday.  +7% and up a beaner. Energy stocks strong with leading with a +8% gain. and +.  up another +$3 to $72.50! By contrast, financials are we...

Some Stocks That Are Green in a Sea of Red

* May be viewed as possible trading rentals I often defer to the old trading adage that stocks that are green in a sea of red can be considered as trades on a turn in the markets. Today's candidates on my screen that are trading higher include , , a...

You Could Try Sears!

You Could Try Sears!    * That's So Fetch! Another slice of ? Papa John's (+$3.40 or +6%) joins Amazon in the popular crowd. "Get In Loser, We Are Going Shopping!"

Playing Some Long Themes: Pizza and Delivery

About a month and a half ago, I pointed out to several likely investment themes that could play out following Covid-19's impact on worldwide-buying patterns. These included accelerated use of Amazon and other online buying services, as well as the l...

Here Are Some Trading Ideas (If You Are More Bullish Than I Am!)

Again, for trades I often look for stocks that are green in a sea of red. Here are some examples of green stocks on my screen today: , , , , and . I have recently added to FDX, GLD (trading over $161) and PZZA (trading over $61!).

New Buy (and Short) Levels

* My revised levels I don't want there to be any ambiguity about the size of my positions or about my buy and short levels as I strive for as much transparency as possible. "When the time comes to buy, you won't want to." --Walter Deemer "When the t...

Love My Pizza

* With anchovies, sausage and meatballs Papa John's making a nice move today. Been buying over the last two weeks.

Questions Answered

To respond to some questions from subscribers, I have no current plans to sell recent purchases of and (+18% since purchased about a week ago). These are investments and not trades. I feel the same way about , and . Again, remember I am planning on ...

From the Street of Dreams

Several moves in stocks I am involved with: * MKM upgrades with a $64/share price target. (The shares are +$2 or +4%)  * Goldman place on its Best Ideas List with a $61/share price target. (The share are down by-1%). * Keefe upgraded with a $120/sha...

Why Papa John's Shares Are Appetizing

* Another slice of pizza, please Papa John's has been on my Best Ideas List since August, 2018 (placed on at $38.94). I have traded it well on several occasions and I recently have built back up a large investment position. The shares traded as low ...

Less Pontification, More Bottom-Up Ideas

* Will be forthcoming... At all times, but particularly during a crisis, circulating bottom-up investment ideas is of paramount importance. Don't get me wrong, a market view is very important - and so is the analytical discussion surrounding that ma...

I See a Smorgasbord of Possible 'Generational' Opportunities: Constructing an Investment Portfolio for the Next 1-3 Years

* Before you read this opening missive be sure you understand your risk appetite and profile as well as your time frame * I see a possible "generational" investment opportunity developing and I am now even more aggressively buying for the intermedia...

Second Level Thinking?

As I tweeted, it might be a good time for some second level thinking: The rising number of reported new cases in countries that are just ramping up their testing is good news for our country and markets because it means that widespread testing is fi...


I have been buying beaten down over the last 10 days. The shares are +$12.66 today (a gain of almost 37%). I like PZZA (and its business model) in the emerging environment we can be expected to be for sometime. Specifically, like Amazon , Papa John'...


I am bidding for more Papa John's  now.

Markets Are Brutal for Restaurant, Cruise Line Names

Markets Are Brutal for Restaurant, Cruise Line Names

Fear is the name of the game here, not reality, and until it abates, all bets are off.


For those that are keeping score, I am very liquid today... Longs: , , , , , ,   , , , , and Shorts: , , , , , , , , , and __________ Long FDX (large), GLD (small), KSS, KHC (large), PZZA, TWTR (large), VIAC (large), M (large), GE (small), C, BAC, W...

Competition Is Fierce in Restaurant Stocks

Competition Is Fierce in Restaurant Stocks

One noted newcomer was Kura Sushi USA, and this is likely not the last we've heard of publicly traded sushi restaurants.