Papa John's International, Inc. (PZZA)

3.10 3.90
Prev Close 79.84
Open 79.89
Day Low/High 76.12 / 79.89
52 Wk Low/High 28.55 / 102.25
Volume 480.65K
Exchange NASDAQ
Shares Outstanding 32.81B
Market Cap 2.58B
P/E Ratio 206.74
Div & Yield N.A. (N.A)

Strength in Papa John's

Papa John's had made a nice move from the $76/share level earlier in the week.  Not sure why it is so strong today.  


Added to Papa John's at $77.65 just now.  

Some Individual Stock Observations

Walmart is a beautiful thing to watch (up by another +$3 today) And so is our Trade of the Week, Amazon (+$43/share today). Twitter and Alphabet ain't half bad, either! (+$3), a recent buy, recovering from yesterday's weakness. is jiggy. (The Smarte...

My Recent List of Buys

In response to some email questions... very recent buys include , , , , , , , (upgraded), , , (I wrote several columns on the company yesterday), etc. __________  Long SJM (large), THS (large), GS (large), MS (large), GLD (large), WMT, GM (large), K...

Medium-Sized PZZA

Purchases over the last few days (on weakness) raised my long from small to medium-sized. Papa John's was added to my Best Ideas List in August, 2018 at $38.94. PZZA is now trading at approximately $86.

Adding Value

After having sold my s, I am adding to what i view as "value stocks." I am bidding for Papa John's  , General Motors  , Walmart   , Morgan Stanley  , Goldman Sachs  .... and more bank stocks.

2 Bids

Bidding for and .  

A Heightened Regime of Volatility Appears Upon Us

* Fasten your seatbelts as today is another day, Scarlett! Thursday's session was wild and volatile.  Last evening was equally volatile - with S&P futures up as much as 20 handles and were down by -23 handles (at 7:05 am).  The S&P is at approximate...

Stay Cool -- and Prep for Investment Opportunities

* This is not your father's market -- as old rules don't apply   If your trading and investment decisions are based solely on price action (and charts) you should stop reading this column!   Since two Wednesdays ago, I have been looking for a series...

Today's Trades

I was active today:  * Covered the balance of my and shorts. * Sold my and puts. * Initiated a long. * Reestablished longs in , and . All have been on my Best Ideas List for years. * Moved to large (Trade of the Week).  * Added further to banks.  * ...

What I'm Buying

I have done some buying in the last hour.  This includes, but is not restricted to, Papa John's , Morgan Stanley , and Goldman Sachs , which have all come back down to my buy levels.   I have also initiated an investment in Walmart .   I am now slig...

New Buy (and Short) Levels

* My revised levels I don't want there to be any ambiguity about the size of my positions or about my buy and short levels as I strive for as much transparency as possible. "When the time comes to buy, you won't want to." -- Walter Deemer "When the ...

Jim Cramer: If These Retailers Get Hit, Then Buy Them

Jim Cramer: If These Retailers Get Hit, Then Buy Them

This week we'll hear from WMT, HD, LOW and TGT, and here's why these big fish retailers will gobble up the small ones during this pandemic.

Papa John's Shares Could Deliver More Dough Ahead

Papa John's Shares Could Deliver More Dough Ahead

The pizza chain's charts indicate there is still upside potential in its stock.

The Ups and Downs of Chuck E. Cheese and the Restaurant Sector

The Ups and Downs of Chuck E. Cheese and the Restaurant Sector

As a whole, publicly traded restaurant names are doing better than I would have expected year-to-date.

Kass: 1968 Redux?

Kass: 1968 Redux?

Nineteen Sixty-Eight was often considered to be one of the most turbulent and traumatic years of the 20th century in the U.S.

2020 Is Looking a Lot Like 1968, Without the Good Music

We are now in one of those times, like 52 years ago in 1968, that we and our children will always remember. Many of us have spent the weekend watching America burning in despair. As I write this missive, an extended portion of I-95 (in Palm Beach) h...

My Tactical Approach and Current Positioning

* I have liquidated a lot of my long positions and have been averaging into Index shorts lately * I worship at the altar of fundamentals and not of price momentum * Monday I will present a more lengthy analysis of my concerns over the balance of 202...

Jim Cramer: This Market's a Long Horse Race

Jim Cramer: This Market's a Long Horse Race

Let's take stock of who's likely to come out ahead in this winner-take-all marathon.

PZZA Update

On May 8, I sold the balance of my long at around $84. The shares are down by almost -$10 from the sale (trading at $75). I would be a $70 buyer.

Today's Trades

With the exception of selling the balance of my small position, I conducted no other trades today. A rare day.

My Papa John's Objective Has Been Met

Papa John's is up by another +$3 today. I have sold the balance of my PZZA at $84 as the shares have met my longer term objective. Its been a tasty ride. And for those that still own Papa John's... The company reported a solid first quarter last wee...

Taking the Sausage, Anchovies, and Meatballs Off My PZZA

Down to tag ends on Papa John's - its been a moon shot (but risk now exceeds reward). I am adding further to , , , and today ( +$0.88).

This Has Been Some Tasty PZZA

Papa John's shares are up another +$2.90/share to $75.60 - and that's another 52 week high. Last week I moved from medium-sized to small-sized.

If You Can't Answer This One Question, You Shouldn't Own the Russell 2000

If You Can't Answer This One Question, You Shouldn't Own the Russell 2000

Think you're diversified? Understanding what you are investing and trading in is key.

A Time to Plant And a Time to Pluck Up That Which Is Planted

* Mission accomplished? Sell in May and go away!  * In scope and duration, stocks have rallied in a manner rarely seen in history * Month-to-date April has been the best month for equities since 1974 * The S&P Index has climbed by +31.4% since the M...

Cutting Some More PZZA

I have moved Papa John's from medium-sized to small-sized based on the recent appreciation and reduced upside vs. downside.

Cutting My Pizza in Half!

I just reduced (+$6) at $73.20 from large-sized to medium-sized based on a changing reward vs. risk. Papa John's was added to my Best Ideas List in August, 2018 at about $39.

Today's Action

We are a tad off the day's high, good market breadth. Nice move in which I put on my Best Ideas List yesterday.  +7% and up a beaner. Energy stocks strong with leading with a +8% gain. and +.  up another +$3 to $72.50! By contrast, financials are we...