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Latest News

Drilling Deeper Into Oil

Fleet age is one of the key points in evaluating oil rig operators.

The Trader Daily

I expect the intraday trading to remain volatile.

Starting to Drill for Value Again

The valuations for oil drillers are beginning to look attractive.

Fitz Bits: Play Those News Spikes

Fitz Bits: Play Those News Spikes

Most of the ensuing stock behavior constitutes sympathy moves -- so take advantage.

Joining the 40-Plus Club

As a portfolio, this unique class of utilities is performing well.

SCANA's Big Gamble

Does the power company have the wherewithal to build a new nuclear power plant once it gets regulatory approval?

A Nuclear Challenge

The cost and schedule of building the nation's first generation-III nuclear power plant will be difficult to achieve.

Powering Up

Congress has approved construction for much-needed, nuclear plants, but it needs to clean up its underlying energy policies.

Nuclear Power's Powerful Ally

When the NEI speaks, it isn't just the energy industry that listens.

Utility Merger Mania

Some mergers will have the power to pass, while others will likely have the plug pulled on them.

Revolutionizing the Nuclear Market

SMRs can produce safe, economic and reliable power to serve the grid's base load at a more affordable price.

Don't Unplug the Energy Department

Those who would do away with the DOE have no idea what it really does.

The Nuclear Energy Race Gets Peculiar

Two companies seek U.S. design certification, but nearly all the construction is happening overseas.

Entergy Is in the MISO Soup

The electricity producer is taking a surprising turn by joining a regional transmission organization.

A Surfeit of Long-Term Potential

A Surfeit of Long-Term Potential

Prepare for the eventuality of higher natural gas prices with this strong, insider-backed name.

Can Shaw Group Engineer a Comeback?

Despite contracts for two new nuclear plants, the stock is having a meltdown.

Energy Efficiency Measures Don't Always Add Up

Rate structures discourage consumers who use small amounts of energy and reward those who use a lot.

Natural Gas Prices to be Flat

Combined factors of the economy, weather, demand, drilling and inventories lead to a stable outlook.

Utility Mergers Are No Sure Bets

Right now, three big deals are being delayed by state and federal regulators.

Debating Energy Policy

Here's a look at where the top three GOP candidates stand on this fundamentally important issue -- and what they need to understand about it.

For Utilities, Bigger Is Better

The member of the '40-plus' club enjoy competitive advantages -- and membership is about to become tougher to come by.