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The Feds Spook the Housing Industry

The Feds Spook the Housing Industry

Fear of more intervention may be causing REITs and other housing-related stocks to sag.

Ocwen Takes More Baby Steps

Shares are creeping higher. Ocwen Financial (OCN) is inching up today. Peers Nationstar Mortgage Holdings (NSM) and Walter Investment Management (WAC) are doing the same.

Homebuilders Are Still Too High

Homebuilders Are Still Too High

The fundamentals suggest these stocks should be much lower.

Walter Investment Management Misses

I am going through the earnings report now. Ocwen (OCN) competitor Walter Investment Management (WAC) misses -- unlike last week's beat by Nationstar Mortgage (NSM). I am going through the earnings report now.

This Morning's Market Setup

Where it began. The rundown: U.S. futures are falling further after yesterday's breakdown. (S&P futures are down by 5 handles, and Nasdaq futures are 17 handles lower.) European stocks are very weak, with losses of over 1.25%. Nikkei is down by 1.05...

Ocwen Underperforms

Any evidence of a compromise with Lawsky and New York state could move these shares immediately into the low $40s. Once again, Ocwen (OCN) is underperforming its peers, Walter Investment Management (WAC) and Nationstar Mortgage (NSM). I do think any...

From the Street of Dreams

Mortgage service industry receives a downgrade from Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo has downgraded the mortgage service group. Ocwen (OCN), Walter Investment (WAC) and Nationstar (NSM) are under pressure this morning.

Ocwen Lags Nationstar

Ocwen is a Kass Katch. Nationstar's (NSM) share price is picking up, while Ocwen's (OCN) share price is lagging. Better value in Ocwen.

Nice Change for Ocwen

The stock is outperforming its peers. Ocwen (OCN) is slightly outperforming Walter (WAC) and Nationstar (NSM) for a change.

What's the Issue?

Why does it continue to lag its industry peers? Ocwen (OCN) continues to underperform its brethren, Walter (WAC) and Nationstar (NSM), and I don't know why.

Ocwen Catches Up

And then some. Over the past week, I have been writing about how Ocwen's (OCN) shares have lagged their peers', Walter Investment (WAC) and NationStar Mortgage (NSM). Today we are seeing a reversal of form.

Ocwen Advances

And it appears to be confirmed by further climbs in its peer group. Ocwen (OCN) continues its nice share price advance today. Importantly, it appears to be confirmed by further climbs in its peer group -- Walter (WAC) and Nationstar (NSM).

Ocwen Will Catch Up

To Nationstar, that is. The outperformance by Nationstar (NSM) relative to Ocwen (OCN) continues. My view is that Ocwen will play catch-up.

Ocwen Lags Nationstar

On a one-month and three-month basis. Ocwen (OCN) is lagging competitor Nationstar (NSM) on a one-month and three-month basis.

From the Street of Dreams

Jefferies downgrades Nationstar and Walter Investment. Mortgage servicers getting whacked on downgrades of Nationstar (NSM) and Walter Investment (WAC) at Jefferies.

Ocwen Still Underperforms

The compnay possesses the critical mass, best efficiency and capital ratios in the mortgage-servicing sector. Ocwen (OCN) continues to underperform both absolutely and relative to its peers Walter Investment (WAC) and Nationstar Mortgage (NSM). This...

Ocwen Will Catch Up

Its competitors are way up today. Ocwen's (OCN) competitors, Walter Investment (WAC, up $5) and Nationstar (NSM, up $2.50), are way up today. My guess is that Ocwen catches up in the near term.

This Morning's Buys

So far, I added to my Ocwen, Monitise and TBF longs. I have added to my Ocwen (OCN), Monitise (MONI.L/MONIF) and ProShares Short 20+ Year Treasury (TBF) longs this morning. In the case of Ocwen, competitor Nationstar (NSM) is up $2.35 after its earn...

Kass Katch: Buy Ocwen Financial

Kass Katch: Buy Ocwen Financial

It could be the next Ocwen Financial.

Kass Katch: Buy Ocwen Financial

It could be the next Ocwen Financial. I have been a longtime follower and admirer and sometime owner of Ocwen Financial (OCN). In 2009-2010 I purchased Ocwen around $10 a share and its spinoff, Altisource Portfolio Solutions (ASPS), at approximately...

The Record Shows I Took the Blows

And I did it my way. "Regrets, I've had a few But then again, too few to mention I did what I had to do And saw it through without exemption I planned each charted course Each careful step along the byway And more, much more than this I did it my wa...

Recommended Viewing

Run, don't walk, to watch Kyle Bass on CNBC. Kyle Bass makes bullish comments on Nationstar (NSM) and General Motors (GM) on CNBC now. Bass expects GM to trade in the high $40s or even the low $50s in 12 months or so. I agree. His comments on Nation...

First Ocwen, Now Nationstar

New York banking regulators are now targeting Nationstar. Break in: New York banking regulators have announced that they are now targeting Nationstar (NSM) in the mortgage-servicing business. First Ocwen (OCN), now Nationstar. Three developing probl...

Watt's Up With the Homebuilders?

Watt's Up With the Homebuilders?

We're going to see some big changes in FHFA this year.

Mortgage Service Firms Get Dinged

I expect further weakness. Not surprisingly, the mortgage servcing complex is under pressure now. Despite overall market strength, Walter Investment Management (WAC), Nationstar Mortgage Holdings (NSM) and Ocwen Financial (OCN) are all weak today. A...

Nationstar Burns Out

The shares are trading down over $9 a share. I have written numerous articles in my diary and had Twitter debates (against the bulls) on Nationstar Mortgage's (NSM) aggressive accounting and fading business prospects. Today, the hammer fell on the c...