NextEra Energy Inc. (NEE)

NYSE : Utilities
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Day Low/High 230.31 / 232.78
52 Wk Low/High 164.78 / 234.27
Avg Volume 1.99M
Exchange NYSE
Shares Outstanding 488.75M
Market Cap 112.95B
EPS 14.00
P/E Ratio 33.20
Div & Yield 5.00 (2.14%)

Utilities Moving Back to Coal

As natural gas prices drift upward, power producers are returning to king coal.

Duke Energy Deceives Its Investors

How Duke's board deals with its self-inflicted crisis will determine the company's future.

China Resumes Nuclear Build Out

The nation plans to have 100 operational nuclear reactors by 2020.

A Solar Litmus Test

A bill in New Jersey could plunge solar developers -- and investors -- into darkness.

Nextera Energy upgraded at Baird

Joining the 40-Plus Club

As a portfolio, this unique class of utilities is performing well.

Dominion Reigns Supreme

Dominion Resources is the safest play on liquefied natural gas exports.

7 Energy Issues Candidates Don't Grasp

Few politicians understand the fundamental principles of energy production, delivery or consumption.

Powering Up

Congress has approved construction for much-needed, nuclear plants, but it needs to clean up its underlying energy policies.

Nukes Are Getting Steamed

Heightened steam generator wear could prove costly for the nuclear power industry.

The Clean Air Ax

Leave it to dirty politics to pull the plug on green energy.

Winners and Losers of the EPA's New Rules

The EPA's coal plant regulations have become a polarizing issue because states made it a federal case.

How the Wind Blows

No matter what the source of power, utility investors benefit from either subsidies or capactiy payments.

Utility Merger Mania

Some mergers will have the power to pass, while others will likely have the plug pulled on them.

Revolutionizing the Nuclear Market

SMRs can produce safe, economic and reliable power to serve the grid's base load at a more affordable price.

Congress in the Dark on Renewable Energy

Powerful incentives to invest in solar and wind power may die because politicians don't understand why they're good for America.

A Maverick of the Utilities Space

AES, which has taken great strides to take care of its shareholders, is once again able to deliver bottom-line results.

Don't Unplug the Energy Department

Those who would do away with the DOE have no idea what it really does.

The Nuclear Energy Race Gets Peculiar

Two companies seek U.S. design certification, but nearly all the construction is happening overseas.

Entergy Is in the MISO Soup

The electricity producer is taking a surprising turn by joining a regional transmission organization.

Solar Program to Darken at end of Year

When the 1603 Program ends, incentives will change and this will cull small and medium businesses.

Can Shaw Group Engineer a Comeback?

Despite contracts for two new nuclear plants, the stock is having a meltdown.

Energy Efficiency Measures Don't Always Add Up

Rate structures discourage consumers who use small amounts of energy and reward those who use a lot.

Debating Energy Policy

Here's a look at where the top three GOP candidates stand on this fundamentally important issue -- and what they need to understand about it.

For Utilities, Bigger Is Better

The member of the '40-plus' club enjoy competitive advantages -- and membership is about to become tougher to come by.

How Power Systems Generate Price Disparities

In the Southwest, here's why high temperatures failed to raise power prices.