ArcelorMittal SA (MT)

0.25 1.80
NYSE : Non-Energy Minerals
Prev Close 13.68
Open 13.53
Day Low/High 13.34 / 13.92
52 Wk Low/High 12.53 / 32.73
Volume 2.79M
Avg Volume 2.88M
Exchange NYSE
Shares Outstanding 1.02B
Market Cap 13.76B
EPS 5.10
P/E Ratio 2.66
Div & Yield 0.17 (1.28%)
Stabbing at Steel

Stabbing at Steel

I have been holding some of these names for so long, I think they are beginning to rust.

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Icahn's Dell Buyout Alternative

Icahn's Dell Buyout Alternative

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn and Southeastern Asset Management offer an alternative to the $24.4 billion buyout deal led by Michael Dell.

Yen Tanks, While Japan Buys Bonds

Yen Tanks, While Japan Buys Bonds

The Yen continues to hit new lows as Japanese keep buying foreign bonds. Priceline and ArcelorMittal are both selling in pre-market trading.

Digging Around Commodities After the Tumble

Gold and silver miners are getting close to maximum pessimism, and I have already started on the materials space.

Time to Comb Through Your Holdings

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Morning Es Trading

Morning Es Trading

The times they are a-changin' -- and they're doing so in a bloody hurry.

The Name of the Game

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Rich Growth; Cheap Shares

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Play European Steel While It's a Steal

Play European Steel While It's a Steal

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Selling the Draghi Rally

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Sell Alcoa!: Against the Grain

Sell Alcoa!: Against the Grain

Marek Fuchs, senior contributing analyst at TheStreet, turns sour ball on Alcoa.

The Day Ahead: Valuation-Off

This is not a 'risk-off' market. It's an environment in which cheap is not cheap enough.

Buy Alcoa!: Against the Grain

Buy Alcoa!: Against the Grain

Marek Fuchs, senior contributing analyst at TheStreet, tells Alcoa traders to wait on an impetus.

They Just Don't Get Alcoa!

They Just Don't Get Alcoa!

Marek Fuchs, senior contributing analyst at TheStreet, furrows a brow at Aloca in China.