Morgan Stanley (MS)

1.20 1.70
Prev Close 72.38
Open 72.74
Day Low/High 71.14 / 73.32
52 Wk Low/High 27.20 / 77.76
Volume 10.89M
Exchange NYSE
Shares Outstanding 1810.00B
Market Cap 134.18B
P/E Ratio 12.52
Div & Yield N.A. (N.A)

Latest News

World's Third-Largest Smartphone Maker Added to U.S. Military Blacklist

World's Third-Largest Smartphone Maker Added to U.S. Military Blacklist

Xiaomi shares plunged in Hong Kong trade Friday after the Department of Defense said the mobile-phone maker is part of China's 'military-civil fusion'.

The Easy Money Has Been Made in Banks

* The setup into the current reporting period is poor * With bank stocks elevated, in-line to slightly lower reports, relative to consensus expectations, could modestly disappoint traders and investors - particularly if my market concerns pan out * ...

U.S. Banks Delist Hong Kong Derivatives Linked to Chinese Military

U.S. Banks Delist Hong Kong Derivatives Linked to Chinese Military

GS, JPM and MS are removing products from the Hong Kong exchange derived from companies deemed to have ties to the Chinese military.

Will Bank Stocks Decline?

I am not planning to reduce my medium-sized financial/bank investments.  However, given the time and magnitude of the recent climb, I would now not be surprised if the sector takes a 10% decline over the near term. Stocks like and could suffer great...

My Message Is Simple: Sell Stocks Now  

* I find a record low number of stocks that meet my standards for purchase today * Book mark this missive! * Stated simply...   "You're betraying your whole life if you don't say what you think - and you don't say it honestly and bluntly." - Charles...

Goldman Sachs Breaks Out on the Upside

Goldman Sachs Breaks Out on the Upside

Here's what traders should look for.

Jim Cramer: 10 Investment Themes I Like in 2021

Jim Cramer: 10 Investment Themes I Like in 2021

I am talking about themes that can stand the test not of today, or tomorrow, but for all of 2021 and beyond.

My Biggest Mistakes of 2020

* There were many! Among my biggest mistakes included: * Selling ViacomCBS * Selling Disney , Facebook , Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs prematurely * Selling cannabis stocks * Shorting Apple * Not buying AAPL * Not sticking with my Zoom Video shor...

Once Again

Repeating for emphasis.  I am no longer in , , , , , , , , , and .

Out of These 7 Stocks

I am now completely out of , , Goldman Sachs , Morgan Stanley  , Disney  , Amazon , and Alphabet . The stocks remain on my Best Ideas List (long) because I would be a buyer on weakness, albeit large weakness from current prices!

Why Now, Doug?

"Ch-ch-changes Ooh, look out, you rock 'n' rollers Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes Turn and face the strange Ch-ch-changes Pretty soon now you're gonna get older Time may change me But I can't trace time I said that time may change me But I can't trace time" - ...

I Can't Recall When My Bearish Market Outlook Was So Far From the Bullish and Confident Consensus

* In late November I cautioned about the possibility that Covid-19 mutates - the evidence is now that it has  * Risk happens fast * Today's investors are greedy (speculation has run amok) when they should be fearful * Not since I was uber bullish in...

I Remain Bearish in Market Outlook

Though market breadth is still 2-1 (positive) I see developing pockets of concern and weakness. Most conspicuously, growthy FAANG has already reversed and the Nasdaq is well off the morning high. Tesla is even down on the day! Though banks remain up...

My Takeaways: If This Is Seasonal Strength, Then ...

Stocks sold off hard from the early morning highs -- with S&P 500 futures about negative 45 handles below the best levels.   Volatility weakened and then rose, coinciding with the breadth reversal (something I was laser focused on this morning).   I...

I Sold My Tesla Shares, Will I Buy Them Back?

I Sold My Tesla Shares, Will I Buy Them Back?

So, yes, TSLA is an investment that happens, at least right now, to be quite tradeable.

Jim Cramer: To All You Robin Hoodies, I Salute You

Jim Cramer: To All You Robin Hoodies, I Salute You

These investors seem to buy with a gusto never before seen in my lifetime.

Chinese Smartphone Maker Xiaomi Sets Hong Kong Top-Up Record

Chinese Smartphone Maker Xiaomi Sets Hong Kong Top-Up Record

Xiaomi last quarter replaced Apple as the world's No. 3 smartphone seller, but mostly it wants to eat Huawei Technologies' lunch.

Risk Now Dwarfs Reward

* The S&P is about 20% overvalued * I am medium-sized (about -25%) net short * And I have a lot of room to get shorter on further strength I have been net long for the majority of 2020.  No longer.  I have steadily reduced large holdings in a number...

Google Goes to Small-Sized Based on Market View and Reward vs Risk

* Google joins an expanding list of long holdings that have gone from large-sized to small-sized  On Friday I reduced my Alphabet holdings from large-sized to medium-sized: Nov 27, 2020 ' 10:40 AM EST DOUG KASS Reducing Long Exposure Through Individ...

From The Street of Dreams

Morgan Stanley raised Wells Fargo price target to $40 this morning.

Cutting Off Some Slices of PZZA

* I do love pizza * But the dual concerns of pulling forward sales and some evidence of disappointing sales, relative to high expectations, has reduced my upside price target for Papa John's .  In keeping with my paring down of some long term invest...

The Market Is Now Overbought and Statistically Overvalued

*The "Biden Bump" has taken stocks higher in the fourth quarter * Many stocks have moved from undervalued to fairly or overvalued * Market participants are now again complacent, greed has replaced fear and markets are now vulnerable to a bitcoin-lik...

Winners and Losers of the Day

With positive breadth (NYSE 3-1 advancers over decliners), Mr. Market reversed Friday's weakness on the wings of more favorable results of vaccination trials.   Financials were the world's fair -- clear market leaders with broad based gains of betwe...

Further Reducing Disney and General Motors This Afternoon

* Based on a less favorable upside/downside in both stocks  Just as was the case with and -- the shares of Disney and General Motors have moved into far less favorable levels on a reward vs. risk basis.  Disney is now trading +$5.50 to $146.50. I pl...

Further Reducing Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley Positions Today

* Based on reward vs. risk  Investment managers Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley have broken out to new highs today after stellar performance over the last two months.  MS was placed on my Best Ideas List at $31 only about eight months ago. It is tr...

Some Trades and Observations

* Added to my Index shorts, sold off some more Disney . * New 52 week high Walmart . * Banks are up by over 2%, +1.7% * Value winning - my two value ETFs -- and  -- are +1.2% and +2.1%, respectively - against S&P +0.7% and +0.4%. * Offering some , a...

Looking For a Developing Top

* It's a process * Breadth 2-1 negative today * No trades  This week I sold down to small-sized from large-sized on a number of longs: , , , , , , etc.  I sold at good prices and I am comfortable with that decision.  I will be posting "Levels" in th...

Down to Tagends in These Names

I now have tagend positions - ergo less than small! - in , , , , and .  I am now between small and medium-sized in net short exposure.